#TeaserTuesday: Meant To Be

August & Genesis’s story is on the way! Scheduled for release next month, April 24th, Meant To Be will pick up where their short story “Karma Coated” (Forbidden: An Anthology) left off.

These two are doing their best to make sense of their relationship after their night together in Forbidden, and the journey is an emotional yet steamy page turner. Here’s a teaser from one of the scenes in the book. In the coming weeks, you’ll see more posts on this book. There’s so much to cover 😉.

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#FreeDownload: ‘Forbidden: An Anthology’ Is Free On Amazon Until Tomorrow (3/31)

Quarantine and read has been a thing in my house whenever I’m not editing, schooling, or being wife. When I tell you I need somewhere else to go besides the market and my backyard, sheesh. My heart goes out to the families who have been affected by this pandemic. This whole situation has been really heartbreaking to witness. And because I know there are more serious consequences besides being stuck in the house with nowhere to go, sending out good vibes, reading, and maintaining my peace has been a priority.

Earlier this month, I offered a few short stories as free downloads and I’m going to finish the month off with another free download, this one of my anthology, Forbidden!

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#NewRelease: PRIDE Is Available Now On Amazon

PRIDE, the first book from my new series Love Is Cure, is available now on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited. Read, review, and tell a friend! Thank you so much for your support in advance😘. And remember to read to the very end past the Author’s Note. There is a chapter sneak peek of book two – LUST 😉.

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#TeaserTuesday: PRIDE

With PRIDE scheduled for release this Friday, March 20th, I’m sharing the final teaser for this book. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m really excited for this release. I can’t wait for you to meet Summer & Jayce.

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#SampleSunday: PRIDE

The final Sample Sunday for PRIDE! This one is snipped from a scene five chapters into the book. As the days fall off the calendar and I prepare to release my first book of the year, I’m grateful to have seen my vision for a play on the seven deadly sins finally come to life. I’m excited for this release! So, without further ado…

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