The For The Culture Issue Mykal and Desmond worked on together.
Bakeridge High, the school Mykal Jones attended as a teen. The school is a fictional school inspired by New York’s LaGuardia High School. Bakeridge is a combination of Josephine Baker and Dorothy Dandridge’s surnames.
Before it started appearing in stories, Chateau Luxure was first a short story. This short follows Monah as she experiences the Chateau for the first time. Click Here To Read Chateau Luxure.
The early urban planning doodles for Greene Gardens created by My First, My Last’s Hassani Franklin. I can’t wait to develop this village in the next few stories. Greene Gardens was first mentioned in the third book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series, GREED.
A glimpse at Leelah and Pryce the night he gets the infamous finger tattoo. Read HERE.