Surprise! New Valentine’s Day Novella is Live Now on ByBK

I have been keeping this a secret for some weeks now and I’m excited to share! After saying I would not write a Valentine’s Day story this year, I went and wrote one 🥰. And oh my, it is giving all the feels you are looking for in a V-day read.

Living Out a Love Song serves as my love letter to classic R&B 😚🎶. The story follows Danyelle and Clyde. If you read When Life Gives You Sunsets, then Clyde will be familiar to you. He’s Clarke’s older brother. She brought up how her older brother and her best friend were secretly seeing each other behind her back at least twice in WLGYS and Living Out a Love Song shows exactly how that went down. 

I have fallen in love with Danyelle and Clyde during the writing process, and they have quickly become two of my new favorites. And I know you will love them as much as I do. 

Read the synopsis below and click the link to download. A sample of chapter one is available at the link below too!

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