My 2021 In Review – The Year I Did The Least But Still The Most

This year I learned what I loved doing the very most as a writer – growing. 

I told myself at the start of this year that under no circumstance would I end the year the same way I started it. I would need to have evolved even if measured on a small scale. I promised I’d add to my writer’s toolkit and challenge myself to think bigger. I did all of that. 

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Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas


It’s Day 7 of my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways, and today’s giveaway is hosted here!

Today, I’m giving away a signed paperback copy of My First, My Last along with a Brookelynite book tote.

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Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas!

Your girl is in the season of giving! Since Tuesday (12/14), I’ve hosted two giveaways on my IG pages in celebration of my 12 Days of Christmas event and today, this blog hosts Day3!


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#SneakPeek: ENVY

The editing process is going well with the fourth book in the Love Is Cure series! I’m excited for you to meet the main characters Mykal and Desmond. I put Desmond in the same league as Amir Jones and Hassani Franklin, so if you liked those two book baes, you’re going to LOVE Desmond, I know I do. We’ll talk more about him in the coming weeks. Mykal is a character you’ll love and hate, naturally, because like all the other MCs in the series, you’re not supposed to like the sinners when their stories begin. It’s the growth that will attract you to them, and honestly, the growth, at least to me, is the best part.

As difficult as Mykal can be, I strongly believe that readers will find a little of themselves in her because she’s the kind of flawed that’s relatable.

The sneak peek below captures the moment Mykal and Desmond meet. This story is soooo layered, you’ll love to see it 🥰. ENVY takes the series in a direction that will bring all of the stories full circle. The last three books in this series brings the battle within the characters making them create their own hells.

Whew, chile.

For now, here’s a lighter scene from ENVY, the fourth installment in the LIC series. This is the very moment Mykal and Desmond meet… and… just read…

*Please Note: This story is still a manuscript and is currently in the editing phase of production. The text below may be subject to change.

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#BookTrailer: The Book Trailer for ENVY

We’re getting closer to the release of ENVY.

Book four in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series is almost here! I have a tentative release date set for later this month and like I told my Insiders, I’m trying my best to get ENVY out to y’all on time. It’s still in editing. We’re still combing through it like a fine tooth comb because is there really any other way to edit? 😑. The scheduling has been tight but I have been staying on target. Fingers crossed everything stays on course.

For now though, the book trailer for ENVY is LIVE and available for your viewing pleasure.

After ENVY, three books remain to be published in the series. The next few books will take the battle within the character. Things need to be sorted, wrongs righted, and they’ll discover love heals all at the top of the mountains they move.

I’m excited for where this series is going and I can’t wait for you to see it all.

Click the play button below to view the trailer.

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