#CoverReveal: Ebb & Flow, Coming Winter 2019

This story! If you are a BK Insider, you’ve already met the characters. Naazir and Nubia first appeared in my exclusive BK Insider short story, An Unexpected Love. They were a new couple, one who met out on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. The attraction was instant, although our girl Nubia tried to fight the fact that she was attracted to someone who was her total opposite. But they put their opposites aside to find the one similarity that becomes the foundation of their bond, love.

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What I’m Working On – Book 4 From My Forbidden Series, Loveless

On the heels of a recent release (Last Comes Love) – well, a few days before the book came out actually – I started work on a new book! It’s called Loveless, and it’s book four from my Forbidden series. If you aren’t familiar with the series, it’s a series of continuations from my Forbidden Anthology. So far, I have released the first continuation, Indecent Arrangement (that picks up where the first story in the anthology, Tasteful Taboo, leaves off), I’ve completed the continuation for Karma Coated titled Meant To Be, and I’m now working on the continuation of Decadent Contradictions titled Loveless.


*Takes a breath*

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Thank You!

To say the release of Last Comes Love was a journey from start to finish would be an understatement. The road to here was one full of lessons that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Thank you, THANK YOU for your reviews!!

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Have You Checked Out Last Comes Love’s Book Visuals Page?

Last week, I released my 20th self-published story – Last Comes Love . This story is the first story I’ve spent time world building and allowing my creativity to run wild with me. In that time, I created fictional bars, lounges, basketball teams, a magazine, and further developed a university.

To house all of these visuals, I’ve created a new page for Last Comes Love. There, you’ll find a story board and logos made for some of the settings mentioned in the story.


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#NewRelease: Last Comes Love Is Available Now!

Last Comes Love is now available on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited! I sincerely apologize for the extra day wait. Amazon had system errors leaving LCL hanging in limbo. But it’s LIVE and available for download! There really isn’t more to say lol. I’ve talked this book up so much I am literally out of words. Just go on and check it out and when you reach the end, leave an honest review. Enjoy!

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