Meet The Characters of Gluttony (Video)

When I make trailers for my upcoming releases, that’s when I know it’s really happening. As well as when I create the synopsis, since I take extra time and pay special attention when creating the synopses for this series.

I published the character trailer for Gluttony on YT, so of course I had to share it here too. I have a couple of other trailers on the way since I love making them so much.

The characters and their story are really appealing to me.

Gluttony’s “What to Expect” post might be my favorite thing to write for Gluttony’s promo season. I’ve spent so much time with these characters and their story, and I can’t wait to share all there is to know about them.   

Let me just drop this trailer here and be back with that write up, because I have a lot to say.

Stay tuned for teasers!