#SampleSunday: PRIDE

The final Sample Sunday for PRIDE! This one is snipped from a scene five chapters into the book. As the days fall off the calendar and I prepare to release my first book of the year, I’m grateful to have seen my vision for a play on the seven deadly sins finally come to life. I’m excited for this release! So, without further ado…


We were all on our second round of drinks when the group had completely loosened up. Predictably, all the ladies either ordered something fruity or wine. I was on my second whiskey sour, when I raised my hand to get the waiter’s attention to order a third.

Jayce tilted his glass of cognac in front of his mouth. “I never took you for a whiskey girl, Summer.”

I pursed my lips. “What kind of girl did you take me to be then?”

“A wine connoisseur, red. I thought all ladies drank wine.”

“Well, not this one,” I replied, finishing my drink and raising my hand again for the waiter. Once I captured his attention, I raised my glass and held up one finger.

“You throw those back like a guy,” Veronika teased.

“I love my whiskey and my whiskey loves me.”

Her usual sass would have gotten on my nerves on any other day, but with my liquor in my system and my head light, she was but a blip in my night.

“For the single people at the table,” David said to the right of me. He too was throwing them back so his words were slightly slurred. “What’s everyone’s type?”

I leaned back in my seat. “Really? Are we really about to have that kind of conversation?”

“Well, Summer, we all know that your type is… you,” Morrison pointed out with a grin.

I winked. “Naturally.”

The table erupted in laughter.

Morrison continued, “But what kind of guys do you like?”

My eyes on their own darted to Jayce before I forced my view off him.

“Refined gentlemen.”

“And what’s refined to you?” Jayce asked.

“No man at this table.” I stared ahead of me and right at him.

“Burn!” Xiomara laughed out loud. “Straight no chaser, huh Summer?”

“Just being honest,” I answered.

After my refill arrived, I sipped slowly, listening to the others detail their ideal mates. All of them stated attributes unseen to the naked eye. All of this beauty is within bullshit.

“I want someone with a good heart,” Veronika slurred. She was the second to last to go, Jayce still waiting his turn. “Tall, enchanting eyes, and a deep voice.” Her eyes peered over at him as she smiled. “How about you Jayce?”

“I like my women bold,” Jayce revealed. “Outspoken with a sharp tongue and jaw-dropping good looks, of course.” He held his hands up in supplication. “I might sound shallow, and I apologize, but I gotta be attracted to her, right? Something on her has to be fine. Even if no one else thinks she’s fine, she gotta be fine to me.”

Everyone at the table snickered.

“I’m a legs and ass man,” Jayce continued, “so she got to have that too. But most importantly, a woman who puts up a challenge intrigues me.”

My eyes remained on his as I finished the last of my drink. If I knew none better, I’d think he described… me.

“Hmph.” Veronika huffed beside him. “That sounds like me.”

I snorted, then broke out into a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Veronika sniped.

My laugh had settled into a smile when Jayce and I made eyes with each other. I noticed when he released a long exhale and licked his lips after.

“Not fair.” Jayce’s eyes were on me, but his head was angled to face Veronika. “I tasked myself with making her mean ass laugh tonight.”

The table of interns chuckled, all except Veronika and I.

His focus on me veered down into my cleavage for the umpteenth time that night, but this time I noticed the low-lid stare. He observed me like I was an entrée left off the menu. Like he hadn’t had a thing to eat that day.

And that did me in.

Veronika’s lips balled as her eyes moved between Jayce and I. She folded her arms and reclined in her seat, conceding to something I never saw coming.

End of Sample.

Book one, PRIDE, from my Love Is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series is scheduled for release on Friday, March 20th. The book is currently up for pre-order. Click Here to read the synopsis and to reserve your copy today.