Meant To Be Is Available Now On Amazon

This is book #24, and I wouldn’t want it to be about any other characters besides these two. August & Genesis are all yours today to catch up with in Meant To Be, available now on Amazon and in the Kindle Unlimited library. Pick up right where we left off with these two at the end of their story in “Karma Coated” in Forbidden: An Anthology. There’s a lot to sort through, a few things to unpack, and the journey is touch and go in these pages, but the ride is so worth it. Click the link below to start reading!

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#SampleSunday: Meant To Be

In just five days, my next release Meant To Be will be available for download! This novella is a friends-to-lovers meets love after loss story that will warm your heart and alter your perspective on a few things. This isn’t one of my stories with twists and turns but it will keep you engaged and rooting for August and Genesis all the same.

Since the story has not been published yet, it is still subject to edits…

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#TeaserTuesday: Meant To Be

We’re getting closer to release day! I’ve gone through so many different phases of anticipation with this book. Falling in love, being frustrated, falling in love a second time, worrying over the little things, then falling in love with the story yet again. The editing process was a trip this time around because I’m dealing with an area in romance that’s a bit foreign to me. Love after loss isn’t a focus in romance I’ve ever done. I’ll be doing it again when I work on Rylee Daniels’s story (Last Comes Love). But this story, THIS story? Is truly one of the stories I really love with my whole heart. Here’s a teaser, clipped from one of my favorite scenes in Meant To Be…

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#MeantToBeNovella: Meet Genesis

So you’ve met August Hall, right? If you’ve yet to meet him, you should! Now, though, it’s Genesis’s turn. As I mentioned, we didn’t get much of a chance to learn a lot about Genesis and August in “Karma Coated” from Forbidden: An Anthology. It was a quick story, so I designed a story that gave you just enough to move the sequence of events along. With their continued story in Meant To Be, we get to know these two in a more intimate way and fall in love with unique aspects of their characters… I know I did.

Genesis is many things, but at the top of the list…

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#MeantToBeNovella: Meet August Hall

If you read Forbidden: An Anthology, you’ll remember being introduced to August Hall through the second story in the anthology, “Karma Coated.” This story was the more emotional read out of the five and followed friends Genesis and August who both lost their spouses and their best friends – August was friends with Genesis’s husband and Genesis was friends with August’s wife. As the story unfolded, we learned of the shocking discovery August and Genesis happened upon when they learned of the death of their spouses and… well, if you read it you know and if you haven’t, you must!

August in the brief span of the story embodied a lot of loveable characteristics and I bring those characteristics even more to life in the continued story of “Karma Coated,” Meant To Be. So, who is August Hall? Well, for one…

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$8 Paperback Sale!

There’s a paperback sale happening right now on my book and mug shop over at! Select titles like Ebb & Flow, Last Comes Love, Girl Code, and Mr & Mrs Jones are on sale for only $8 + free shipping. First round of shipments have gone out today and any orders placed this weekend will ship Monday morning, 4/6.

If you’ve been wanting to own a physical copy of my books and get them at a reduced price, now is the time to do it. The sale ends next Wednesday, 4/8 at midnight.