Surprise! New Valentine’s Day Novella is Live Now on ByBK

I have been keeping this a secret for some weeks now and I’m excited to share! After saying I would not write a Valentine’s Day story this year, I went and wrote one 🥰. And oh my, it is giving all the feels you are looking for in a V-day read.

Living Out a Love Song serves as my love letter to classic R&B 😚🎶. The story follows Danyelle and Clyde. If you read When Life Gives You Sunsets, then Clyde will be familiar to you. He’s Clarke’s older brother. She brought up how her older brother and her best friend were secretly seeing each other behind her back at least twice in WLGYS and Living Out a Love Song shows exactly how that went down. 

I have fallen in love with Danyelle and Clyde during the writing process, and they have quickly become two of my new favorites. And I know you will love them as much as I do. 

Read the synopsis below and click the link to download. A sample of chapter one is available at the link below too!

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2023 In Review – The Year I Moved In Faith

It feels like I was writing a 2022 year in review just yesterday.

This year started off with me running on a ground that felt like it was already in motion and it’s kind of ending the same. I have been working all year, and I am not exaggerating. Home has been busy and so have my writing and creative projects. There has been very little time for rest, and you know what? I’m not complaining! This was apparently the season for me to work and build sturdy foundations. A season for many storms to hit, too, and to clear what no longer served me out. But nothing compares to the amount of work and building I had to do in faith. 

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Scenes from my stories that live rent-free in my head, Pt. 1

I’ve written a lot of books. When I look back at how many stories I’ve outlined and written in my almost 9-years of being a self-published author, I’m blown away by the number of stories I’ve told. While I love every moment in a story told by me, there are specific moments that live rent-free in my head.

These are scenes that likely inspired the storyline of said story or they are scenes I just couldn’t wait to sit in front of my computer to get out of my head and onto a doc. 

Whatever the case, I’ve created an online series highlighting my favorite scenes that I remember often and that continue to live rent-free in my head in a constant loop. And there are many so we’ll have a lot to look back on!

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A Love Deferred Turns Five And Gets A New Cover

I’m proud of myself! I have made goals this year that I have set and crushed, and this is yet another one of those goals.

When I released A Love Deferred five years ago today, I told myself I would re-do both A Love Deferred and the story it continues, Unsilent Knight’s, book covers. Although I loved both covers individually, I wanted the covers to share similar elements visually. I wanted them to have similar styles and not look so different from each other. 

I put off the task several times over the years, but this year I said I would do it. 

And I did. 

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My eBook Sale is Happening Now

A good bulk of my eBook titles on Amazon have Kindle Countdowns that will last for the next 3 days.

I’ve got titles from series, holiday novellas, and standalones that are marked down as low as $0.99.

This sale ends on Monday, 11/27 at 11:59pm PST. 

Click the link below to browse my catalog and see what titles are on sale. 

In Love, I Trust Is Available Now

It’s HERE! In Love, I Trust is LIVE and available for download. Visit the small town of Rose Hill, NY and fall in love with the residents. Shanicexlola and I will be your tour guides 🥰.

We are still facing a review status for ShanicexLola’s Love at First Clash. We are sooo hoping it goes live very soon! She will keep everyone posted with updates to her social pages. Be sure to follow her via the links below to stay updated!

ShanicexLola’s Instagram Page

ShanicexLola’s Facebook Page

Click the link below to download ILIT.

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FAQ: What Book From Your Catalog Do You Recommend I Start With If I’m New To Your Work?

This year I celebrated 8-years of self-publishing. And eight years later, I still feel I could do a better job recommending books to readers who are new to my work.

My book world is diverse. Most of my books aren’t like the ones before it in my catalog. And while there may be similarities in my stories, if you are looking to read a book exactly like a book you’ve already read in my catalog, it won’t be an easy find unless it’s in a series or shares a similar trope.

That’s because my vision for my catalog is to create a book world like the melting pot I call home. Filled with a variety of characters with varying personalities, from different upbringings, and having experiences both good and bad that differ across the board. But regardless of how different they all may be to each other; the characters will all connect in some way. The unspoken idea in my storylines is based on the idea of six degrees of separation. Meaning, all my characters connect to each other by six or fewer other characters in my book world. 

Like life.  

While my first response whenever I get the question, “I’m new to your work. What book do you recommend I start with?” is for readers to read my books in the order I have released the stories, often that isn’t necessary.

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