Have You Entered My Giveaway?

Do you know about the book bundle giveaway I’m hosting on my shop’s IG page? It’s for the My First, My Last book bundle. The giveaway ends tomorrow night, Saturday 8/14 at 11:59 pm EST, so there’s still time to enter to win.

What makes this giveaway great is that if you win, a reader friend will win too. And who doesn’t like gift giving when there isn’t a holiday in sight?!

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Flash Sale! $8 Paperback Sale Today Only

Eight is my favorite number and according to a lot of numerologists, today, 8/8, is one of the luckiest days of the year! So, it seemed only right to host a sale today.

The $8 paperback sale is going on right now and is only for today. A select number of my paperbacks including my latest release, My First, My Last is on sale for a limited time.

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Curated Book Bundles & Character Inspired Jewelry Have Arrived!

Here’s the thing with my ideas – they are kind of limitless. When I character develop, I act as a vessel to the voice I’m allowing my characters to have and what I’ve learned is in doing this; they come to life on their own.

When I decided to self-publish in 2015, honestly, I didn’t think I would publish more than the title I released. I’d mastered the creative process but didn’t fully understand self-publishing and the discipline needed to produce and promote content. But when I took the time to familiarize myself with the process and the order of things, I decided I wanted to create a reading experience that was exciting.

Here enters a new launch of book bundles and jewelry via my online shop, ByBrookelynMosley.com!

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The unofficial character in My First, My Last

The unofficial supporting character in My First, My Last. The Twin Towers were characters in my story that needed no character development. They came fully packaged and with a compelling backstory. The Twin Towers were a sight to behold in its prime. It shaped the New York City skyline beautifully and could be seen from miles. If you walked the Brooklyn Bridge or rode the train over it like I did, you marveled at its height. It towered over the surrounding buildings. It was iconic. Period.  

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