#Sale: Let’s Celebrate #35 With a Paperback Sale!

This Friday, April 7th, I’m releasing my 35th self-published title. The journey to 35 hasn’t been easy, but it has been a journey worth traveling twice. 

I don’t celebrate enough and one of my goals this year is to celebrate everything! 

To start, I’m offering 35% off signed paperbacks (except for the Love, Hate & Revenge series) on ByBrookelynMosley.com from now and until Saturday, April 8th

To take part in the sale, use code THIRTYFIVE at checkout to get 35% off your favorite title by me. 


#SampleSunday: When Luke Met Juliette

My newest addition to my catalog, When Luke Met Juliette, drops this week, Friday, April 7th and I have a Sample Sunday for you. 

If you’d like to learn about When Luke Met Juliette, click here to read 4 Quick Facts about this new novel.

*This work is still unpublished. Text is still subject to change.

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#Blog: I Found My Very First Completed Manuscript!

Let me set the scene.

I was in my spring-cleaning mode this week and was clearing out the shelves in our home office, going through old dollar store crates I’ve had for close to a decade, and I found this, my very first completed manuscript I printed out in 2014 the same year I wrote the story. 

It’s the first completed story (full-length and not a short), I’ve ever completed. A NaNoWriMo project. And though I’ve never published it, me finding it is a moment, it’s significant. Because not only is it my very first book, but I’m finding it close to a week before I release my 35th self-published story. 

If you remember, I counted this time. We’re at a milestone! 

But back to this manuscript.

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4 Quick Facts About When Luke Met Juliette

My next book release When Luke Met Juliette will go live next week, April 7th! I’m so excited for you all to read this book. I was standing in my kitchen waiting for my coffee to finish brewing when I thought to myself, “I wonder what number book When Luke Met Juliette will be?”

I’ve stopped counting after Last Comes Love, it feels. Ever since then, I’ve I’d checked in on the number, but I rarely remember what number I was up to. 


We’re officially at story number #35, making it a milestone for me. And if there was a story that should serve as a milestone on my self-publishing journey is HAS to be When Luke Met Juliette.

When Luke Met Juliette is a culmination of everything I’ve learned about storytelling and what I discovered on my own just doing it. I am sincerely in love with this story and the breadth of these characters and their character arcs. 

There’s so much I want to say about this story but I want for some of you to read it first so I can talk with you and not atyou lol. 

With that said, there are some quick facts I can share about When Luke Met Juliette that I think you’d find interesting. Some of these will be facts you’ve heard me mention before, other facts you expect from my stories, but here they are anyway. 

4 Quick Facts about When Luke Met Juliette.

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#New: I’ve Added 3 New Mugs to ByBrookelynMosley.com

… and I’ve kept them to myself for way too long!

Today I listed three new mugs on my website. One mug has a design that readers requested I list for sale after I offered it as a giveaway for my subscribers. The other mug is a favorite. I wanted to brainstorm a few mug designs that would keep me inspired while creating future stories while also reminding me of the brand of love I’ve created in stories’ past. 

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