Why I Will Never Write Another Last Comes Love Again?

I’m about a handful of chapters away from typing “the end” on the fifth book in my Love is Cure, Vol. 1–Vices & Virtues series, Gluttony, and it’s really got me thinking. While this book has been a real labor of love (I’ll write about that experience once I’m done), I’ve had many other stories challenge me so much I almost didn’t finish them.

One of those stories was Last Comes Love (LCL).

When I combined two separate stories and made them one (Rylee’s story was a solo story and so was Lennox’s), I did so after many months of thinking. A bittersweet love story was uncommon, especially in romance, a genre I predominantly write in. This is one reason I listed LCL under Women’s Fiction instead of Romance on Amazon where it was published. 

As someone who empathizes deeply, whether I experience things first-hand or vicariously, the initial idea of bringing this story to life was a decision far from easy to make.

But I did it, boldly, and with foreknowledge that it might anger some readers and possibly land me on some do not read lists. Most romance readers read love stories in search of the coveted HEA. I also enjoy reading love stories for the coveted HEA. However, my soul’s urge was to tell this story for two reasons – representation matters and because I just really wanted to tell this story. 

And here’s why.

My Reason

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New On Kindle Vella – Cali & Lee

I’ll admit – I was a little hesitant to publish a story on Kindle Vella. I’m still not completely sold on it, maybe because I’m still learning what it is, but I do like the idea of creating a serialized story with plans to do something more with it in the future. 

While working on Gluttony, I’ve enjoyed working on side projects to get that satisfying feeling of finishing something in the middle of working on something long, and Kindle Vella is giving me that, so we’re on good terms right now 🙃.

Anyway, I had this storyline sitting in what I like to call my “swipe file” which is just a OneNote folder of random story ideas. It was a story that wasn’t yet completed, but I really liked the premise and the overall conflict in the tale.

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An Update on Mello

I published a Glimpse for Mello and Rayelle from They Call Me Mello. The update is live now on my readers’ website, BKBookLounge.com. If you want to know what Mello has been up to in Miami, check out his Glimpse.

And I know I said he wouldn’t get another book, but ever since I created his Glimpse, I’m having second thoughts.

Click below to read…

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Catching Up With Cadence & Meki from A Love Deferred

I’m so deep into Gluttony that there’s no turning back now, which is a great thing, because the love I’m nurturing for this project has me enjoying every chapter I create. The details in Gluttony are so precise, I’m taking my time to bring them to life in story form. The details matter and the details help move the story forward. I can’t wait to share more. 

As mentioned in a previous post, I have plans to include a few familiar faces from my previously published stories. While a lot of the couple updates have and will continue to appear in the BK Book Lounge (there’s a new glimpse publishing next soon!) some couples deserve an update too detailed for a glimpse but too short for another book.

Meki and Cadence Knight (nee Cadence Nice) are one of those couples. 

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#BookBirthdays: They Call Me Mello Turned 4 Today

Every writer has that one character that was easy for them to create. While there may be many characters that have challenged them, there’s always that one character who seems to pour out of our fingers while creating a project and even if you tried, you’ll never forget them.

Romello “Mello” St. Claire is that character for me.

His book, They Call Me Mello, turned 4-years-old today. 

When I set out to work on Mello’s story, I was very much in my head. Never had I created a book mainly from a male point of view and for it to be a central point of view (one perspective) was intimidating. I had to create a short story from his perspective to prove I could carry an entire novel in his voice. And I believe I delivered.

If you’ve read Mello’s story and you’re curious if there’s another book in the works from him, as of today, there isn’t. But I have something planned and will tell you about it shortly.

Pride, Lust, Greed, & Envy Are All On Sale This Week!

In anticipation of adding to the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series, I’ve put the released books in the series – Pride, Lust, Greed, and Envy – on sale for $0.99.

One book from the series each day is scheduled for a Kindle Countdown Deal and will be reduced to $0.99 for that day only.

Pride is the first story on sale. Find the link to download and be sure to check Amazon each day until Friday for the next book on sale.



So… Let’s Talk A Little About Gluttony

After months of outlining, researching, and maybe some procrastination, the creative process for Gluttony, book five in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series has started.

To write a book about a sin that revolves around consumption, most notably consumption of food, has been an eye-opening experience. Though the story is thematic, it’s told in a relatable way with a storyline that’s interesting given the subject matter. 

Writing visuals for Gluttony.

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What 7-years of self-publishing taught me

This past Sunday I celebrated 7-years as a self-published author. The journey to here has been a learning experience from the very moment I published my first story. I started this thing knowing nothing and today I can say I know plenty. And even with that, though, there is still so much more I need to learn. But you don’t get through 7-years of self-publishing stories and not learn anything. 

Here are a few things I learned in my 7-years of self-publishing (in no particular order).

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My First, My Last is 1-Year-Old & On Sale!

My First, My Last – a friends-to-lovers novel I released last year – turned 1-year-old last weekend, but I was busy having a great time at Indie Love in New Orleans to remember to let you know that! 

Because I love this book and the characters and because I believe it deserves to be celebrated, I’ve put My First, My Last the eBook on sale for $0.99.

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#eBookSale: Meant to Be & Forbidden: An Anthology Are On Sale for 24hrs!

They say as an author, every so often you should return to your books to re-read your work to see how far you’ve come. I don’t always re-read my books after they have published. That’s because I’m often working on something new and simply don’t have the time. 

I’m currently working on Book Five in my Love is Cure, Vol. 1. – Vices & Virtues series, Gluttony, and I’ve had to return to my previously published books to stay aligned with storylines and timelines. One of those books has been Meant to Be– a story that continues a short story in Forbidden: An Anthology. 

Re-reading this story gave me all the feels. The characters August and Genesis are that amazing as a pair and the story premise, chile, is one you can’t look away from. 

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