New On Kindle Vella – Cali & Lee

I’ll admit – I was a little hesitant to publish a story on Kindle Vella. I’m still not completely sold on it, maybe because I’m still learning what it is, but I do like the idea of creating a serialized story with plans to do something more with it in the future. 

While working on Gluttony, I’ve enjoyed working on side projects to get that satisfying feeling of finishing something in the middle of working on something long, and Kindle Vella is giving me that, so we’re on good terms right now 🙃.

Anyway, I had this storyline sitting in what I like to call my “swipe file” which is just a OneNote folder of random story ideas. It was a story that wasn’t yet completed, but I really liked the premise and the overall conflict in the tale.

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#Series: The Forbidden Series is Complete

I envisioned this very post when I made a commitment to continue every story in the Forbidden series. With the release of So This is Love last Friday, April 29thThe Forbidden series is now complete! I’ve continued each story from Forbidden: An Anthology and they all have something special about them. I love all these stories! Now, while Forbidden: An Anthology isn’t a romance, continued stories Mean to BeLoveless, and So This is Love are romances. Indecent Arrangement is the only trouble child in the series lol and is an incredible erotic suspense I think you’ll love and won’t be able to put down.

If you’ve yet to dive into this series, now is the time! Until July 27th, all books in the series are available in the KU library. After that, only the anthology will remain on KU.

Click the photo or link below to read!


#NewRelease: So This is Love is Available Now for Download

Today is the day! So This is Love, the final book in the Forbidden series and the last story continued from Forbidden: An Anthology, is available now for download. 

All the books in the Forbidden series are standalone and can be read in whatever order you choose. It isn’t necessary to read the three books (Indecent Arrangement, Meant to Be, and Loveless) before reading So This is Love because they aren’t connected. You can choose to read those books after So This is Love if So This is Love is the first book you are encountering in the series. If you are new to the series, however, I recommend you read Ayanna and Dallas’s short story, A Delectable No-No from Forbidden: An Anthology for context.

For now, So This is Love is available for digital download. Paperback copies will come soon.

See below for STIL’s synopsis and the link to download. And as always, enjoy!

P.S. please be sure to read the Message from the Author before you start reading and the Author’s Note once you are done reading. Important info is there. 

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#NewRelease: ENVY is Available Now for Download!

It’s release day! ENVY, the fourth book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series, is available now on Amazon. My first story of the year is a definite page-turner. When I tell you I love everything about this story, I love everything about this story!

For this book in the series, I’m pairing the vice envy with her opposite kindness.

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Curated Book Bundles & Character Inspired Jewelry Have Arrived!

Here’s the thing with my ideas – they are kind of limitless. When I character develop, I act as a vessel to the voice I’m allowing my characters to have and what I’ve learned is in doing this; they come to life on their own.

When I decided to self-publish in 2015, honestly, I didn’t think I would publish more than the title I released. I’d mastered the creative process but didn’t fully understand self-publishing and the discipline needed to produce and promote content. But when I took the time to familiarize myself with the process and the order of things, I decided I wanted to create a reading experience that was exciting.

Here enters a new launch of book bundles and jewelry via my online shop,!

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The unofficial character in My First, My Last

The unofficial supporting character in My First, My Last. The Twin Towers were characters in my story that needed no character development. They came fully packaged and with a compelling backstory. The Twin Towers were a sight to behold in its prime. It shaped the New York City skyline beautifully and could be seen from miles. If you walked the Brooklyn Bridge or rode the train over it like I did, you marveled at its height. It towered over the surrounding buildings. It was iconic. Period.  

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Introducing The Happily Ever After Mug Series!

I’ve been loving the creative process for designing these mugs. Coming up with ideas and watching the vision come to life has been amazing this year and I am only getting started! The plans I have for my book and mug shop for the summer have got me blushing, and I can’t wait to share those plans with you. But for now, let’s talk about this new mug series.

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Crowned Mug Series, Available Now At

Patience is a virtue, and I’ve had to practice a lot of patience this year. For one, my next book release, My First, My Last, has been trying my patience because it’s such a great story, but I have to go through the journey of editing before I can present it to the world. I want to release it like yesterday. Every time I’m editing, I have to keep myself from reading it to the end because every scene is my favorite scene. We’ll talk more about that later.

One thing I can stop being patient about and that I get to present to you today is my Crowned Mug Series. Inspired by my novella, Ebb & Flow, these four mugs are a must for your mug collection. First, two of them are gold – enough said lol. The other two have artwork that speaks to the queen in us all. They look amazing in person and I’m not just saying that because I made them. I’m saying it because it’s true and I would know. I’m an avid mug collector. My mugs are everything to me and do more than just hold my coffee and tea. They make a statement; they add to my style. So I wanted to create mugs that would do the same.

Mug instructions ship with every mug so you’ll know how to maintain the beauty of the artwork through the life of your mug. And all mugs are sanitized before they are packed for shipping. There are limited quantities, so head over to to shop today.

Thank you and enjoy!


#NewRelease: Rekindled Is Available Now!

The final book release of the year, Rekindled, is here and just in time for the holidays. Maven and Kai’s relationship was hot from the start. The attraction was instant and took them both by surprise… along with their breakup. But things are about to change this Christmas.

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#NewRelease: GREED Is Available Now For Download!

GREED, book three in the Love Is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series, is now available for download via Amazon! In this book, you will meet Zoe and Bryant – two opposites who meet by accident (literally!) and find something neither one of them were expecting in each other, love.

*Please note: Although this is book three in a series, all books in the Love Is Cure series are standalone and can be read in whatever order you choose. If this is the first book in the series you’re reading, you are more than welcome to start here!

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Loveless Is Available Now For Download

Loveless, the third continued story from my Forbidden: Anthology is available now for download. See what Joi has been up to, formally meet Detective Jeremiah Rhames, and catch up with the barbers at Kuts Kings. Most of all, get ready for a read you’ll remember long after you reach the end.

As always, thank you for reading and please leave a review when you reach the end.

P.S. Be sure to read the author’s note 😉.

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LUST Is Available Now For Download

Happy release day to me! This is book #25 and I am excited that it’s this one. A book from a series I worked my ass off on with stories that are well worth the read. So, please, don’t let me hold you up. Click the link below to start reading book two, LUST, in the Love Is Cure, Vo1. 1- Vices & Virtues Series. Enjoy.

P.S. remember to leave a review when you’re done.

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PRIDE Paperbacks Available Now On

Book one in the Love Is Cure series, PRIDE, is finally available in paperback. The delay as you can imagine was due to COVID and everything that comes along with it, but the book is listed in my online store just waiting to be ordered and placed on your bookshelf. And what’s better, is that I’ve added a discount code to make up for taking so long to make these paperbacks available!

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Meant To Be Is Available Now On Amazon

This is book #24, and I wouldn’t want it to be about any other characters besides these two. August & Genesis are all yours today to catch up with in Meant To Be, available now on Amazon and in the Kindle Unlimited library. Pick up right where we left off with these two at the end of their story in “Karma Coated” in Forbidden: An Anthology. There’s a lot to sort through, a few things to unpack, and the journey is touch and go in these pages, but the ride is so worth it. Click the link below to start reading!

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#NewRelease: PRIDE Is Available Now On Amazon

PRIDE, the first book from my new series Love Is Cure, is available now on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited. Read, review, and tell a friend! Thank you so much for your support in advance😘. And remember to read to the very end past the Author’s Note. There is a chapter sneak peek of book two – LUST 😉.

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#NewRelease: Ebb & Flow Is Available Now On Amazon!

It’s here! my final release of 2019, Ebb & Flow, is now available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited. This story is the first of its kind – a continuation to a subscriber-only short story, available to all to read. Honestly, these characters were truly worth that continuation. Nubia and Naazir’s story is a story, like I’ve said, that strips away the optics of love and forgiveness, baring its bones. You’ll feel what they feel, go through the motions of their decisions, and truly feel invested in their love. Quite simply, you’re in for an experience 😉. Click the link below to download your copy! Thanks for your support in advance 😘…



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#NewRelease: Home For Christmas, Available Now On Amazon!

In the middle of planning Ebb & Flow’s book release, I was hit with a story idea birthed from just a name mentioned in my previous release, Last Comes Love. A simple curiosity about what that character’s home life would be like morphed into a story idea I had to outline a few weeks before Thanksgiving. I just went with the idea and the motions of developing the story and what resulted from that flash of inspiration was a beautiful story I’m sure you’ll love. Meet Eva and Jaleel in my short holiday story, Home for Christmas! Check out the synopsis below…

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Thank You!

To say the release of Last Comes Love was a journey from start to finish would be an understatement. The road to here was one full of lessons that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Thank you, THANK YOU for your reviews!!

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Have You Checked Out Last Comes Love’s Book Visuals Page?

Last week, I released my 20th self-published story – Last Comes Love . This story is the first story I’ve spent time world building and allowing my creativity to run wild with me. In that time, I created fictional bars, lounges, basketball teams, a magazine, and further developed a university.

To house all of these visuals, I’ve created a new page for Last Comes Love. There, you’ll find a story board and logos made for some of the settings mentioned in the story.


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#NewRelease: Last Comes Love Is Available Now!

Last Comes Love is now available on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited! I sincerely apologize for the extra day wait. Amazon had system errors leaving LCL hanging in limbo. But it’s LIVE and available for download! There really isn’t more to say lol. I’ve talked this book up so much I am literally out of words. Just go on and check it out and when you reach the end, leave an honest review. Enjoy!

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ByBrookelynMosley.Com Is Now Open!

A store that has been a year in the making, and the “making” wasn’t what took the longest, it was the learning curve and my need to know EVERYTHING even the smallest of details lol but I digress. It’s open and that is ALL that matters!

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Cover Reveal for Last Comes Love!

And here it is, the cover reveal for my next book release, Last Comes Love. This novel is one of my new favorites. It takes a common trope, friends-turned-lovers and adds a bit of a spin to it. I’m excited for you to meet Rylee and Lennox. Their friendship is truly one for the books. I’ll have the full prologue for you soon. Stay tuned for the book visuals and teasers which will be coming next! Keep scrolling for the synopsis…

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Indecent Arrangement Is Available Now On Amazon!

For me, this day felt like it took forever to arrive but it’s here!!! My release day for my new book, Indecent Arrangement. This story is the continuation of my short story Tasteful Taboo that appears in Forbidden: An Anthology.

Find the synopsis and the link, and enjoy!!!

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What To Expect From ‘Indecent Arrangement’


I can’t believe I’m months away from my 19th release. And what’s special about this one is that it’s my official transition into contemporary fiction.

I’ve written erotic romances from the very start and will continue to do so but my stories, at least this one and the next two releases has a more contemporary vibe.

Indecent Arrangement will also be my final book (for now) narrated (whether from first person or third) through a central point of view… meaning, only one character telling the story or the story being seen only from that character’s p.o.v.

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#CoverReveal: Indecent Arrangement!

Here is the cover and synopsis for my next release, Indecent Arrangement, a continuation of my short story “Tasteful Taboo (One Night Only)” that appears in my Forbidden Anthology!

Indecent Arrangement is available now for pre-order!

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‘Indecent Arrangement’ Is Coming in July!

Indecent Arrangement, the continuation of “Tasteful Taboo” from Forbidden: An Anthology, is coming July 11th!

I’m so excited about this release… I’m always excited for my book releases lol. But this one gives me even more of a rush because it will be my first erotic suspense. I’ve always dabbled in suspense reading and writing behind the scenes, so after outlining the details for Indecent Arrangement and noticing where the story and characters were taking me, I was so ready to go there. You’ll read more about this in one of my “What To Expect” posts in the near future. For now, just know that this story will be about sex, lies, secrets, and blurred lines.

More details and a sneak peek coming soon!

Have you read Forbidden yet? Read the first few pages of the Introduction >>HERE<<

#NewRelease: ‘A Love Deferred’ Is Now Available On Amazon!

If you would have told me years ago I would self-publish more than a short story, I’d press the back of my hand to your forehead to check your temperature. Now here we are, my 16th self-published story that has moved from my mind, to my computer, to your Kindle! Creative writing has always been my passion and I am so blessed to be able to release yet another story for my reading family. 

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Cover Reveal: They Call Me Mello

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my next release, They Call Me Mello. This story is a spinoff of my series No Fraternizing where Mello first made his appearance in book 2 and 3.

In the near future, I’ll publish a post on here on what to expect from his story. But for now, here is the cover and synopsis.

Here we go…


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#MrandMrsJonesNovella: What To Expect From ‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones’

My next release, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, drops in 30 days which means it’s time to divulge a little information.

The writing process for this book was one of the most enjoyable processes I’ve ever experienced since I began my journey as an urban erotic romance writer. Life was still happening outside of my computer. I won’t lie and make it appear as if everything was easy.

But writing a love story starring two of my favorite characters… yeah, I had fun.

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#NewRelease: ‘Forbidden: An Anthology’ Is Now Available On Amazon!

Your new guilty pleasure is now LIVE on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Every time I release a book, I feel a rush of excitement and nerves. It’s like a cocktail of anxiety. This is one book I had to step out of my comfort zone to write and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Check out the synopsis and click the link to read a sample and download your copy today. Happy Halloween ?.


12 characters. 5 short stories. 1 book

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#LoveHateRevengeSeries: ‘Love, Hate & Revenge, PT. 2’ Coming June 21st!

In just ONE MONTH, part two to my drama series, Love, Hate, & Revenge will be available for download! This series is truly one of a kind, and as always I’ve made sure not to hold back. Be prepared for a sexy and jaw dropping read, promise!

Check out the synopsis below and save the date, June 21st. It’s gonna be a very hot summer!

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#NewRelease: Girl Code Available Now On Amazon! And FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

My new release is here! I’m so excited to announce that my new novella, Girl Code, is available now on Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Brainstorming this story was a lot of fun  and it was even more enjoyable penning the story. My favorite kind of stories to read and write about center around friends turned lovers. There’s just something about witnessing the evolution of a friendship transitioning from platonic to romantic *swoon*.

And that’s what you’ll get from my newest novella, Girl Code.

Check out the synopsis…

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New #EroticRomance Novella Coming Soon…Girl Code!

I just can’t help myself, y’all. People get addicted to all types of stuff. My addiction? Writing.

And like I said, I just can’t help myself.

The sound of the keys clicking as I write is like music to my ears. Seeing my crazy ideas come to life through the characters I create gives me a rush.

Like Diana Ross said, if there’s a cure, I don’t want it, chile. I love getting my fix.

And the result of that fix this time is, Girl Code!


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#NewRelease: ‘Love, Hate & Revenge, Part 1’ Available NOW On Amazon!!! (For 18 and older)

It’s here, it’s here!!! Part 1 of my new drama series Love, Hate & Revenge is out NOW on Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited. I had a lot of fun brainstorming, creating the characters, and writing this story. It’s a three-part series that will take you inside the lives of three sisters motivated by three distinct feelings when it comes to their relationships – love, hate, and revenge.

You might think you have everything all figured out in regards to their lives after reading part 1, but by part 2, you’ll be thinking differently.

Here are three snippets from Part 1 of my short drama series, Love, Hate & Revenge, available for download NOW!!!


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‘No Fraternizing: Part 2’ Available On Amazon, FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Hey Loves,

We’re in the final month of summer so it’s only right I drop a hot new release during summer’s hottest month. The No Fraternizing series returns with Part 2 and we pick right back up with Lila, Manny, and Ashley. In Part 1, the office door closed and y’all were left wondering what would happen after that. Well, what happens next will send our story in an interesting direction, giving you more insight into the characters personalities and background, more specifically Lila’s. Take a look at the synopsis below.


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