Wrath’s Bonus Epilogue

Did you know there is a bonus epilogue for readers who read Wrath? You would if you visited Wrath’s story extra page 😉. 

If you didn’t, no worries! Although I would recommend that you still check out Wrath’s story extras, I’m adding the link to Wrath’s bonus epilogue in this blog for you as well. 

Now, this bonus epilogue is for readers who already read Wrath. It captures the moment a promise – that was given in the story – is fulfilled. And only readers of Wrath will get it and understand the gravity of it all. 

At any rate, below is the link to Wrath’s bonus epilogue. Please note that to download the bonus epilogue, if you are not already a BK Insider, you will need to join the list to download the story because it is a BK Insider exclusive. 

The link below is only for readers of Wrath who are not BK Insiders. BK Insiders, your link was sent to you earlier this week. Please check your inbox and possibly your spam… and please get me out of spam if I’m there! 😅

New Release! Wrath is Available Now

Wrath – the sixth book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series – is available now in eBook and paperback!

Meet Lauryn and Asher, the newest characters in the latest installment in the most emotional story in the series.

Be sure to check the “Message from the Author” before reading and check out the story extras once you’re done!

Thank you in advance for your support and enjoy ❤️.

Lauryn James is a wayward waitress wrestling with a wrecking within. Asher Truesdale is  a promising psychology student who is pure at heart. Lauryn’s got wrathful ways. Asher has Prince Charming principles. Her temper is explosive, and he has the patience of a saint to be her calm. How they met was divine timing. What they create becomes a magnet for miracles. A mistake they believed should have never happened was actually a catalyst for something always meant to be.

Wrath Will Be Available Tomorrow!

The wait is almost over! The sixth book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series will be here tomorrow, 5/3 bringing us one step closer to a completed series. 

In this chapter of the series, you’ll meet Lauryn James and Asher Truesdale – two people who are opposites all the way around but find a common ground when they meet unexpectedly. Neither one of them had love on their minds, but when they meet, love becomes the only thing they can think about. Once that happens, things unfold fast. Faster than either of them is prepared for. But what seems like a mistake ends up being something meant to be. 

I love how different Asher and Lauryn are to each other. They’re from different worlds with completely different outlooks on life. Both of them are seeking relief from the lives they know all too well. And the refuge they find in each other will warm your heart the moment they lock eyes. 

It’ll be a journey!

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