New Series, ‘Love Is Cure Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues’, By Brookelyn Mosley Coming In 2020!

I can’t keep this to myself any longer. First, let me just say this series has been at least two years in the making. I spent time reworking it off and on, researched until my eyes crossed, misplaced pages then found them. I typed several outlines on my old computer, outlines lost after my laptop experienced water damage winter 2018. Inspiration has hit then went away only to come back again and be overshadowed by a clearer more exciting idea at the time. But I actually sat my ass in a chair this time, mapped out all the stories, and have already dived in.

This. Is. Happening!

So what is this series?

It’s called the Love is Cure series. This will be an ongoing series of books separated into volumes that I plan to make extensive and a pretty big focus when not penning shorts and other books. The first installment’s theme is Vices & Virtues and borrows from the Seven Deadly Sins, but I’m doing this with a twist, completely out the box. I’ll elaborate more once the release date for the first book nears but if you’ve read my Drinks On Me series, the Love is Cure series will follow a similar thematic template just more developed.

The first book of the series, PRIDE, is complete and I’m currently writing LUST, which I am exercising no chill with. LUST might come with an extra warning label and its own rating. I’m not apologizing, everyone should already know. LUST is very self-explanatory. Altogether there will be seven books – PRIDE, LUST, GREED, ENVY, GLUTTONY, WRATH, and SLOTH.

All the books will be standalone but the characters in each story will appear or will be mentioned in the others. Also, a lot of these characters will appear in the continued stories from my Forbidden anthology. For instance, Pryce, one of the main characters from LUST, appears in August and Genesis’s story from the Forbidden series. Their story, August & Genesis’s, is completed, it just needs to be edited. Pryce is also mentioned in PRIDE and he’s mentioned in the story I’m releasing next in 2019, Last Comes Love (I’m getting ahead of myself. A post will be up about this later this week).

I’m really excited about this series. I’ve seen writers both in print, movie, and TV do a great job with creating their versions of stories related to the Seven Deadly Sins but I’ve never seen it done the way I’m doing it.


The first book, PRIDE, will drop during Q1 of 2020, I’m aiming for February/March 2020. I’m doing my best to get a good bulk of the books completed before the end of 2019 since I know y’all don’t like to wait for books in a series. But like I said, you can digest these books as standalones and read them out of order if you choose to.

Two other books from me are dropping this year, both edited and ready to go so I have been able to focus on the Love is Cure series and Forbidden.

I can’t wait for you to read this. Sample Sundays are about to be so hot between now and then!

Speaking of Forbidden, have you read it? This anthology was actually what inspired me to create the Love is Cure series since it dealt mainly with one vice – lust. You need to read Forbidden if you haven’t. I’ve heard it’s hard to put down. Read a preview below!

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