Are You Attending Indie Love This Summer?

We are almost a month away from Indie Love – a book event scheduled to take place this summer in New Orleans. So many firsts for me with this. Indie Love will be my very first book event and I’ll be in NOLA for the very first time too. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m too ready to soak up all the good vibes and energy. I’m sure it’ll be a dope event.

To prepare, I’ve created a preorder page for attendees who are interested in reserving books before their visit. All preordered books will be with me, ready for pick up at my designated table.

Click the image or the link below to preorder paperback copies I plan to have with me at Indie Love.

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#Series: The Forbidden Series is Complete

I envisioned this very post when I made a commitment to continue every story in the Forbidden series. With the release of So This is Love last Friday, April 29thThe Forbidden series is now complete! I’ve continued each story from Forbidden: An Anthology and they all have something special about them. I love all these stories! Now, while Forbidden: An Anthology isn’t a romance, continued stories Mean to BeLoveless, and So This is Love are romances. Indecent Arrangement is the only trouble child in the series lol and is an incredible erotic suspense I think you’ll love and won’t be able to put down.

If you’ve yet to dive into this series, now is the time! Until July 27th, all books in the series are available in the KU library. After that, only the anthology will remain on KU.

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