Meant To Be, Coming April 2020!

Can I drop another pre-order on the blog? In 2018, I spent a lot of time outlining and making plans for my books. In 2019, I spent even more time writing the books I outlined the year before. Now in 2020, I’ve got those books ready for you to read! Meant To Be is book 3 of The Forbidden series – a series of continued stories that first appeared in my Forbidden Anthology. Meant To Be follows Genesis and August after testing the bonds of their friendship and surviving their heartbreaking losses.

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#SampleSunday: PRIDE

Are you ready to meet Summer & Jayce? This story has many layers, one of which being Summer & Jayce’s enemies/lovers vibe. Here’s a snippet from one of the earlier scenes in the book.

*This story is still unedited and unpublished, so text are subject to change.

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PRIDE Is Available Now For Pre-Order!

My first release for 2020, PRIDE, is available now for pre-order. PRIDE serves as the first book in my new series, Love Is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues. All of the books in this series are standalones and can be read in whatever order you want. But if you’re reading them in the order they are released that’s fine too, even better actually! All of the stories are linked in some way with characters from my Forbidden series making an appearance in this series too.

This volume of Love Is Cure is a play on the seven deadly sins, with a twist. I play matchmaker with the vices and their opposites, virtues, and help them fall in love and other ish. And what results is a dope ass read! Check out the synopsis below and click the link to reserve your copy.


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#TeaserTuesday: PRIDE

When I first announced my plans to work on a seven book series last summer, the task seemed like something I would first love and then eventually hate. The workload, the research, everything just seemed like work before I actually started. But once I completed the outlines for all of the stories, did more research, and wrote the first chapter of this book, I was ecstatic! With three books completed in the series and a fourth in progress, I can say that I LOVE this series with my whole heart. And to start everything off, is Book One from the Love Is Cure series, PRIDE!

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