#Sale: Let’s Celebrate #35 With a Paperback Sale!

This Friday, April 7th, I’m releasing my 35th self-published title. The journey to 35 hasn’t been easy, but it has been a journey worth traveling twice. 

I don’t celebrate enough and one of my goals this year is to celebrate everything! 

To start, I’m offering 35% off signed paperbacks (except for the Love, Hate & Revenge series) on ByBrookelynMosley.com from now and until Saturday, April 8th

To take part in the sale, use code THIRTYFIVE at checkout to get 35% off your favorite title by me. 


#SampleSunday: When Luke Met Juliette

My newest addition to my catalog, When Luke Met Juliette, drops this week, Friday, April 7th and I have a Sample Sunday for you. 

If you’d like to learn about When Luke Met Juliette, click here to read 4 Quick Facts about this new novel.

*This work is still unpublished. Text is still subject to change.

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#Blog: I Found My Very First Completed Manuscript!

Let me set the scene.

I was in my spring-cleaning mode this week and was clearing out the shelves in our home office, going through old dollar store crates I’ve had for close to a decade, and I found this, my very first completed manuscript I printed out in 2014 the same year I wrote the story. 

It’s the first completed story (full-length and not a short), I’ve ever completed. A NaNoWriMo project. And though I’ve never published it, me finding it is a moment, it’s significant. Because not only is it my very first book, but I’m finding it close to a week before I release my 35th self-published story. 

If you remember, I counted this time. We’re at a milestone! 

But back to this manuscript.

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