My First, My Last is 1-Year-Old & On Sale!

My First, My Last – a friends-to-lovers novel I released last year – turned 1-year-old last weekend, but I was busy having a great time at Indie Love in New Orleans to remember to let you know that! 

Because I love this book and the characters and because I believe it deserves to be celebrated, I’ve put My First, My Last the eBook on sale for $0.99.

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#eBookSale: Meant to Be & Forbidden: An Anthology Are On Sale for 24hrs!

They say as an author, every so often you should return to your books to re-read your work to see how far you’ve come. I don’t always re-read my books after they have published. That’s because I’m often working on something new and simply don’t have the time. 

I’m currently working on Book Five in my Love is Cure, Vol. 1. – Vices & Virtues series, Gluttony, and I’ve had to return to my previously published books to stay aligned with storylines and timelines. One of those books has been Meant to Be– a story that continues a short story in Forbidden: An Anthology. 

Re-reading this story gave me all the feels. The characters August and Genesis are that amazing as a pair and the story premise, chile, is one you can’t look away from. 

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