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What happens when the heart wants what the mind resists?

Cadence Nice went from being an optimistic romantic to a coldhearted commitment-phobe. She convinced herself she was over it, finished, done with searching for a stable relationship after wasting her time with an ex who wasn’t serious.

No longer did she pine for her stomach to flutter with butterflies or her heart to skip a beat for love. In fact, throw the whole Prince Charming away, his white horse, and the storybook happily ever after too.

All she wanted was sex. Just sex, only sex, and with someone she couldn’t love. 

She thought she found the perfect placeholder in a man she despised but life has a way with switching things up. 

After sleeping with an enemy, her next-door neighbor, Meki Knight, Cadence believed she found bliss in keeping things only physical between them. 

She was so wrong.

Cadence adopted her cold exterior with hopes of giving herself a permanent fix for her jaded heart. But she’ll soon learn just what happens when you accidentally find love in a hookup culture.

*Readers are advised to read the short story, “Unsilent Knight,” before reading “A Love Deferred.” “Unsilent Knight” serves as a prelude to this novella. “Unsilent Knight” is available for download here on Amazon!





It’s Monah’s 30th birthday, and she’s dining out with her best friends Tasha and Simone when she reveals that she’s never had an orgasm… ever. Tasha and Simone are shocked but not surprised given their friend’s traditional views about sex. Yet and still this new knowledge about Monah doesn’t sit right with them so Tasha and Simone come up with a plan to bring Monah to a place where the men are gorgeous, the champagne is never flat, and the atmosphere is fit for royalty. The spot? Chateau Luxure. 

Naturally, Monah has questions about this place as she watches her friends come up with a plan to get in. She wonders what kind of place requires an entrance fee of a grand and has no address. Monah learns that Chateau Luxure is an exclusive property that requires a password to enter, and that it is not quite a lounge and definitely not a hotel but has the amenities of both. When she arrives she understands exactly what Chateau Luxure really is when she finds it packed with men, beautiful from head to toe, and all there for one purpose – to cater to the opposite sex.

The owner of the property, Mimi, tells her Chateau Luxure is “heaven reincarnated” and Monah’s stay will be nothing short of heavenly.

She fights her friends on settling for one night of passion. That’s until she meets Mr. Right Now. 

If diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, Chateau Luxure is where she brings them. 

Get ready to walk through the doors of the luxurious Chateau Luxure where the men are of quality and you always leave satisfied, guaranteed.




Myelle Caton is a fed-up bride-to-be and an executive assistant at black-owned retailer Nubian Life Inc. 

Vaughn Heights is the East Coast Sales Director at Nubian Life… and a part-time stripper at The Chocolate Factory.

One night, Myelle and Vaughn’s worlds collide outside of the office when Myelle attends the male strip club The Chocolate Factory and discovers that her boss, the man she has an intense attraction to with the basketball physique and model looks, has a sexy secret side hustle.

After watching him live on stage, her attraction to him is taken to a whole ‘nother level.
While she’s getting the loving just right at home, her fiancé Carter’s lazy ways is killing the vibe and excitement of wedding planning for Myelle. This gives Myelle and her mind more reason to drift off to fantasies and curiosities of how good Vaughn’s slow wines might feel in real time. 

Myelle won’t have to daydream about her sexy supervisor for much longer. Carter will drop a bombshell on her making it easier for Myelle to turn her fantasies about Vaughn into a vivid reality she’ll enjoy… it just won’t be in the way she expects. 


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Nubia Merci and Naazir Goodman were never supposed to be a couple… at least that’s what the people close to them believed…

Despite the odds, somehow, they’ve formed an enviable courtship. But while they are working diligently to nurture and cultivate their love, those same people in their lives are working even harder to tear them apart.  
Nubia, an interior decorator, is without a doubt in love. She’s a creative, able to imagine an abundance of possibilities, creating magic with spaces that seem impossible to work with. As imaginative as she is though, never did she imagine falling for a man like Naazir. And now that she has fallen, she has no intentions of letting him go. A series of events will challenge her plans when she’s dealt the “mother of all ebbs.” Will those events force her to abandon ship?
Naazir, a street muralist, is used to things not going his way. Life for him has never been easy, leaving him no choice but to hustle harder than the average brother especially in matters of the heart. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to win the affections of a woman who has revealed to him the bared bones of intimacy. And he has dedicated his heart to earning Nubia’s faith in them as a couple. Will a decision Naazir makes, as innocent as he originally thought it to be, ruin everything he’s worked so hard to build with the love of his life? 
Products of two different environments, Naazir and Nubia have cemented a bond that is ironclad strong. But is their bond strong enough to anchor them so they can survive the brewing storm that’s approaching?

*This book contains sexually explicit content, profanity, and minor angst. If any of the mentioned are of a sensitive nature to you, please feel free to browse Brookelyn Mosley’s catalogue of other stories to find the best fit for your reading experience.


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She’s an egocentric journalist, enkindled with envy for earthly possessions belonging to others. He’s knowingly kindhearted, kin to a journalism king, and has an immense respect and duty to kinship. In any other circumstance, they would never have crossed paths, but when they do, it becomes an enlightening tale of when opposites attract.

Mykal Jones

“I hated Desmond when we first met because he stole my hopes and dreams. He waltzed right into my life and jeopardized the fruits of my hard work. That shouldn’t surprise me though, because this always happens to me. I should be used to coming out the loser in this game of life, especially when it involves matters of the heart. So, yeah, I hated him. With his perfect smile and his perfect existence. Desmond’s name alone is a golden ticket in print media and I can’t help but to hate him for that too. But what I hate most of all is that his heart is so pure he can have every and anything he wants because he deserves it. So what does he want with me?”

Desmond Ellis III

“I hated how Mykal and I met. She formed a negative first impression of me almost immediately where there need not have been. My intentions were never to be drawn to her or anyone, anyway. I was on a mission to carry out my father’s dream and to bring his vision to life, but I suppose God had a better plan to feed two birds with one seed. Because the way Mykal waltzed right into my life and stole my heart, took me completely off guard. And what’s worse is her stealing my heart and jeopardizing my plans is something she doesn’t realize she’s done. She is perfectly imperfect with raw potential and that makes her perfect for me. But how do I get her to see for herself that I’m perfect for her too?”

Many know envy as a sin of the heart, potent enough to cause unhappiness. It’s the most socially acceptable out of the seven deadly sins because envy is deeply rooted in human nature. If love is kind and also patient, can a virtuous love save an envious heart from self-destruction?

*This book contains sexually explicit content, parental illness, and instances of verbal abuse. If any of the previously mentioned are triggers for you, please browse my catalog to find another story that will fit the reading experience you desire.

**ENVY is a standalone and the fourth book in The Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. GLUTTONY is next…


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We know how everything ends, now it’s time to see where it all began. Take a trip back in time with the O’Shea sisters – Maliya, Mikayla, and Malika as they meet and fall for the men who will eventually set in place the drama that will fuel a three-part series. 

*Important Note: This is a short novella and a precursor to the series – Love, Hate & Revenge. If you are interested in a longer read, please search through Brookelyn Mosley’s catalogue of books for a story with a page length that fits your preference.

eBook | Signed Paperback


12 characters. 5 short stories. 1 book.

Joelle Victors and her husband Cameron Victors have an unconventional marriage. Everyone is dying to know the secret behind their strong bond and why they stay so happy but are these same people willing to do what Jo and Cam do to remain together? Every Halloween night they attend a special event that helps keep the spark alive in their marriage. But at this year’s special event, the night will differ greatly from the others. Joelle is strict about following rules. But after a chance encounter, she’ll finally meet the one person to make her break them all. Will she take the bait?

After a shocking car accident, Genesis Garner must deal with the reality of possibly losing her soulmate. As her husband, Tai, clings to life in an ICU, she learns about his secret life and her grief turns to hurt, confusion, and feelings of betrayal. Thankfully, his best friend, August Hall, is around to comfort her the best way he knows how while grieving his own personal loss. But there might be something else he can offer besides comfort. Will they both be willing to ignore the obvious… that they’re still off-limits to one another?

Joi Friday is a broke black actress living in New York City with rent due the next day. She’s dated the dope boys with the deep pockets but she’s looking for more stability and class and not just a flashy lifestyle. While on a temp assignment at a law firm she meets a man, Malik Clark, who she swears has a spot in her future. But how far will she be willing to go to secure that future with him after discovering his truth?

Ayanna Dale is a young college undergrad who is officially sick and tired of being sick and tired of her boyfriend, Dominick Roque. They’ve been together for almost one year and she’s been less than happy since the start. In the year they’ve been dating, Dominick’s taken advantage of Ayanna’s trust and naivety by entertaining other females, sometimes right up and under Ayanna’s nose. And she refuses to tolerate it any longer. After his latest stunt, she devises a plan to pay him back. The only issue with her plan is it will disrupt a happy home. How cold is she willing to be to carry out her plan and to cross that line?

Romello “Mello” St. Claire from the No Fraternizing series returns but he’s taking us back to where his love of women started, his youth. When he was a teenager, he had a crush on Antoinette “Toni” White… a woman he shouldn’t have even been looking at. But when she gave him access to her, this changed his life and his perspective on how to romance the opposite sex. After leaving Harlem years ago, Toni returned but only for one night and only to see him. Can Mello convince Toni to see him as more than what he can offer her, making her look past the obvious reason they can’t be together?


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A recently divorced Melodee Delon is dealing with a dilemma. 

Twelve years ago, when she and best guy friend, Amir Jones, were teenagers, Amir suggested they be more than just friends. Loving their friendship just as it was and fearing he’d continue to want more for them, she panicked and hooked him up with her best girlfriend, Sheena Rincon. 

Matchmaking proved not to be Melodee’s forte. Amir and Sheena’s relationship wasn’t the best for the two years they were together and their courtship ended horribly right before their high school graduation.

It’s over a decade later and Amir’s feelings for Melodee have only gotten stronger.

He’s a major recording artist now and is traveling the world on tour with one of Hip Hop’s biggest artists, signing multi-million-dollar endorsement deals, receiving nominations for a multitude of awards, and is lusted after by many women in several area codes – local and international. But like LL, Amir needs love and the only person he wants it from is Melodee.

And here enters the obvious problem… there’s an unspoken rule in a sisterhood that states a friend should never date another friend’s ex. Especially if that ex is that friend’s first love. 

Besides, Sheena might never approve of Melodee and Amir’s potential relationship anyway all because of a decision Amir pressured her into making as a teenager that’s affecting her life as an adult.

So now Melodee must decide what is more important to her, love or loyalty. And the decision won’t be an easy one to make.

*This story contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (18 years or older).

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He’s a greedy genteel gentleman, and she’s a charming creative with a charitable heart. She’s forever willing to give the shirt off her back while he’s always thinking of ways to get more than he already has. They met by accident, literally, but after an unlikely agreement influences a series of events, a love they never saw coming blindsides them both.
Bryant Greene
“She was not the plan, nor was how we met. I was grateful she entered my life when she did, even if it was with a bang. At the time, the goal was simple, but the more I got to know Zoe, the more the goal became blurry. Unfortunately for us both, my plans were already in motion when we crossed paths and she was only to be a pawn in it all. In a short time, her position changed, though, and she became the queen I wanted to protect in my game. Zoe changed everything. Every single thing… including me.”
Zoe Stewart
“He was not the plan. Even how we met was random as hell, but I’d be a fool to believe a higher power didn’t have a hand in it all. Our deal should’ve lasted only a day, a couple of hours actually, but you can’t stop what’s in God’s plans. Unfortunately for us both, I thought Bryant was one way, but he only ended up being a fraud. He treated me like a queen, but I was only a pawn in his greedy game. To wish I never met him would be to wish away everything that happened between us. And despite everything, I’m not sure I would change a thing… not even a little.”
Greed is a sin of desire, an inordinate want to have more than one may need. This vice deals with the obsessive pursuit of material possessions driven by the fear of scarcity. Much like pride, greed can be a gateway to other evils if the desire for excess leads to making earthly things one’s God. Can an altruist with a charitable heart shift the desires of the greedy one who has everything except for the one thing they don’t believe they need at all… love?

*This book contains sexually explicit content. GREED is a standalone and book three in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. ENVY is next…



Everett Peters is a gutsy retired boxer whose guileless gluttonous tendencies grow chronic as he battles guilt and grief following a gut-wrenching betrayal. Apryl Wilde is a tender-hearted celebrity personal trainer who thrives off temperance and is trying to rebuild her life after experiencing the betrayal of a traitorous pair she trusted and still has ties to. Failing in love was Apryl and Everett’s reality. Falling in love was the last thing either of them wanted to do again. But when Everett and Apryl cross paths, they quickly realize love is the change they both have been craving.


“I was simply trying to escape an unpleasant situation when I returned home to New York City. I set my focus, the vision very clear – prepare for a special appearance that would help me start a brand new life post-retirement from boxing. Love was nowhere on the brain. Like… at all. It couldn’t be. I’d just experienced the worse betrayal of my life, something I couldn’t really be too upset over because I was once the villain in many other stories. But that didn’t make what happened to me hurt any less, and I believed that hurt was too dark to let love in. Love should not have ever found me again with where my head was at. But it did, through a woman named Apryl Wilde. And I can’t help but to feel like I have no choice but to fumble the bag to protect my future and my heart… and hers too.” 


“I was simply trying to do my damn job and get my life back on track after being backstabbed by people I believed I could trust. The heartbreak I experienced was crushing. Cry every morning before I started my day, level of crushing. And what was worse was I couldn’t even move past it like any other failed relationship because one villain in my story still had ties to my career. So, when I agreed to do a favor concerning Everett Peters, I set my focus, the vision very clear – to help him reach his fitness goals while freeing myself from the shackles of my past. I expected nothing more, nothing less. And not to fall in love, that’s for damn sure! I mean… I’d been swimming – more like wading – in the dating pool, but I was just trying to get my feet wet. I wasn’t at all prepared to find love, much less get drunk off it. But here I was, looking Everett Peters in the eyes and seeing more than just my way out of career misery. I saw my future. But I think I’m way too guarded to let love in as I should… for good reason. And I’m not sure my heart can handle another disappointment.”

Gluttony is likely the one sin most don’t consider a sin at all. And though it is associated with eating, this sin has less to do with consuming food and more to do with over-consuming and indulging in anything that leads to self-destruction.

Can the virtuous beauty, who thrives off temperance, find it within herself to let her guard down to satiate the appetite of the gluttonous one with a dish best served from the heart, love?

*This book contains sexually explicit content. GLUTTONY is a standalone and the fifth book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books makes up this series. WRATH is next…




Many believe a kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve portends the type of luck you will have in love that year. When the clock strikes twelve and the mood is right, lovers all over the world lock lips with the people they love… or at least who they like very much. It’s folklore, superstitious. Many people do it and don’t know why they do it.

Jaleel and Eva Gordon do.

Since the start of their relationship, they have exchanged a kiss as the ball dropped, believing it brought them good luck that year. Even when their marriage was in trouble, they maintained their tradition of sharing a kiss at midnight.

That kiss was probably what saved their marriage three years ago when they almost divorced… well, that and their son’s one and only Christmas wish that got a separated Eva and Jaleel under the same roof for Christmas.

Which brings us to this NYE…

Things are finally fantastic between Eva and Jaleel again. In fact, things are better than ever. And as a result, they have been able to maintain their annual tradition of kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve. But because of circumstances beyond their controls this year, their midnight kiss tradition gets challenged when they find themselves in an unforeseen race against time.

*This is a holiday short story.



“Dear Santa…”

Jaleel and Eva Gordon haven’t lived in the same house since the summer, and this Christmas, their son’s very short Christmas wish list will change all that.

As a former college phenom turned Bronx Ballers’ shooting guard, Jaleel Gordon hasn’t reached his level of success doing the bare minimum for his struggling team. He’s been grinding and grinding hard, but success doesn’t come easily or without its share of sacrifices. For Jaleel, his biggest sacrifice was his relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife Eva. 

Business owner, Eva Gordon is so through with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jaleel. She’s no stranger to hard work but even she knows when to work hard and to play harder. After patiently waiting for her husband to tap into that philosophy she’s given up on him altogether. Which is why six months ago, after yet another explosive argument with Jaleel, Eva demanded a divorce… even though her heart is taking a bit longer to catch up to her demand.

This Christmas, Eva and Jaleel’s son isn’t asking Santa for a new bike or video game. On the contrary, what baby boy wants won’t be able to fit underneath the tree at all. His one and only wish this Christmas is to spend the holiday with his separated parents… under one roof. So, Jaleel is coming home for Christmas… but can Eva and Jaleel put aside their differences to make it through the holiday intact and in one piece?

*This is a holiday short story. 


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Welcome to Rose Hill.

Have you ever experienced something so amazing that you convinced yourself it was too good to be true?

Serenity Payne continues to psych herself out with love. She’s consistently dress-rehearsed disappointment with her heart since she was thirteen. For years, Serenity has lived vicariously through other people’s love lives, and doing so has made her a pessimist.

But that outcome changes when she meets Trevon “Trey” Everest online.

Trey knows what he wants from love and is confident he’s ready to have and maintain the best of it with someone special. He’s traveled the world, has a fulfilling career, and has supportive friends and family. Now, he desires a genuine love of a lifetime that’s enduring and worth the effort of building something authentic… and he’s sure he’s found it in Serenity.

But, there’s a problem. 

Serenity’s pessimism challenges Trey’s optimism in the worst way, and the solution to their problem will require Serenity to do the one thing she refuses to do with men… release control and trust.

eBook | Signed Paperback


Sex, lies, secrets… and blurred lines.
Karma – an effect from cause that can be transmuted, transformed, or even transcended. It has the power to bring about joy or pain…. based on the quality of one’s actions. If karma were a café, it would be a place where orders and menus are unnecessary. That’s because when patrons arrive, they are served exactly what they deserve.
One night. That’s all she thought it would be. A night set aside each year. A purge of sorts, to tame the sexual desires of guests in hopes to keep the peace in their marriages. The idea may register as absurd to outsiders but seemed ingenious to Joelle Victors.
Until she met Jordan Gabriel.
Joelle encountered Jordan several times during her visits to a local café but his attendance at an unusual annual couples event finally placed them both in the same path. Her decision to cross an already blurred line sends her life in a direction she would have never imagined it unfolding. 
She broke one rule and her decision to break it became the catalyst behind an arrangement that challenges her bond with her husband Cameron. 
But there’s more than what meets the eye with this agreement. Because what starts out one way, will land Joelle in a compromising position where she must gain an unlikely ally in an otherwise indecent arrangement.

*This book contains sexually explicit content, profanity, angst, suspense, and mild violence. If any of the above is of a sensitive nature to you, please browse Brookelyn Mosley’s catalogue of other stories to find the best fit for your reading experience.




When Skylar returned to Brooklyn after moving away 16 years ago, she’d only come to get her hair done. She wasn’t expecting to fall hard for the former neighborhood geek and her childhood friend Noah. After running into his mother at the salon, Skylar learned how good the years have been to Noah. 

No longer is he the geek with the squeaky voice and crooked glasses. Now, he puts the sex in sexy and has the charm and charisma to boot. But there’s a problem, Noah has a girlfriend who tells Skylar she needs to back away because Noah is a taken man… or is he? And that’s an issue because Skylar is really feeling Noah and definitely doesn’t want to be just friends.

See what happens when childhood friends grow up to become lovers in this short erotic love story, Just Friends.

BONUS – Included in each download of Just Friends is the FIRST CHAPTER of erotic short story Chateau Luxure!



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Lennox and Rylee sitting in a tree… k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes… well, not exactly.
Rylee and Lennox really underestimated their tight bond. Everyone could see it, that special thing they shared between them, but to Ry and Lenny that “thing” was innocent because they were only friends. Besides, the one thing Rylee Daniels found to be the most attractive was success. 
As a floor trader for the New York Stock Exchange, money was Rylee’s motivation and took center stage in her life. Though she pushed love offstage, she often tried her hand at relationships anyway – several of them – the endings always the same and no less painful than the last. Just when she’s ready to close the curtain on love, it dawns on her – she didn’t have to look very far at all… but will she act too late?
When the Bronx Ballers’ star power forward, Lennox Walker, retired from basketball, his decision shocked everyone. To him, an early retirement from the league in his late 20s was a logical choice. No longer enticed by dollar signs, Lennox chose health over wealth and as a result, love became appealing to him more than ever before. He’s never been in a relationship, never desired to be in one and when he’s finally ready to settle down, Father Time challenges everything.
Best friends since childhood, neither Lennox nor Rylee believed their friendship had the potential to become anything near romantic. But then on Rylee’s 21st birthday, she and Lennox made a pact, a mutually beneficial deal that somehow sealed their fates. 
Fast forward, 10-years later, when the two are in their 30s, that deal they made will force the inevitable evolution of their friendship. It will also cause a life altering shift in their platonic bond –  a shift that will change their lives unfathomably. 



Lena only planned to attend a Valentine’s Day party at a Tribeca loft with her new boo Antonio, she didn’t expect to run into the man who broke and still has her heart, her ex-boyfriend Maurice. Things aren’t perfect between Lena and Antonio, but at least he doesn’t play games like her ex. 

She and Maurice broke up after he refused to take their relationship to the next level. Lena isn’t trying to be the girlfriend forever and Maurice had gotten too comfortable getting the milk for free. So they ended things in the most dramatic of ways. Dishes were broken, clothing slashed, and their apartment was left in disarray along with their pride.

It’s five months later when the two run into each other again at the V- Day party and it’s here that Lena realizes she isn’t over Maurice. But he’s got a girlfriend, and she’s there with her man, And even though she’s moved on she’s pissed that Maurice has too.
But Lena still has feelings for Maurice she can’t hide. Will she open her ex-file? 

See what happens in the short Brooklyn love story, Lena’s Ex-File.


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Danyelle and Clyde find themselves caught up in a forbidden romance that sings of passion and devotion. As Danyelle navigates the delicate balance between love and loyalty to her best friend, Clyde refuses to let go of the melody that binds their hearts together. Set against the backdrop of classic R&B tunes, ‘Living out a Love Song’ is a tale of clandestine love, soulful melodies, and the enduring power of genuine affection. Join Danyelle and Clyde on a journey where every beat of their hearts echoes the timeless rhythms of love, as they strive to rewrite the verses of their own love story against all odds.

eBook | Signed Paperback


Joi never cared for the white horse and a carriage or the storybook romance.
She never had a love to pine for or had a man give her butterflies when he looked at her.
Joi has never really believed in love… until now.

Joi Friday is a woman in search of security and couldn’t care less whose toes she has to step on to get it. This carelessness lands her in an arrangement that delivers more grief than the bliss she believed she’d receive when she initially agreed to its “terms.” She’s always considered herself to be the loveless type. Sex was a thing to use and feelings were there to toy with. 

And love? 

Well, love to Joi has always been a mystery described in fairy tales she’s yet to star in. That’s until she meets Detective Jeremiah Rhames. He’s loyal, protective, honest and has the patience and discipline to capture her heart while sweeping her off her feet unexpectedly. To her surprise, he’s opened to the one thing she’s shunned for as long as she can remember… love. 

Jeremiah has all the qualities Joi has never believed she desired, but that she craves. And unlike any other man she’s ever dealt with, Jeremiah is offering himself to her with no hidden agenda. The catch? She must give up the life she’s living to commit to a future that’ll feed her soul. 

Will she stick with a life that is draining her but offers the easy financial security she’s been after all her life or will she give it all up to be with a man who offers a love that is life-giving and makes each day worth living twice?

*This book contains sexually explicit content. If this is of a sensitive nature to you, please browse Brookelyn Mosley’s catalog of other stories to find the best fit for your reading experience.

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Three Sisters. Two Boroughs. One Night.

Sisters Maliya, Mikayla, and Malika were raised to be smart and independent women. But even they can have their lives positively or negatively affected by a man’s actions. Largely influenced by the men in their lives, the decisions they make in one night will be governed by three distinct motivations – love, hate, and revenge.

Following two back-to-back failed relationships, the oldest sister, Maliya, took a chance with falling in love again with an open heart. She attends a special anniversary dinner with her boyfriend of three years, Omari Barnes, believing it would be a regular night of toasts, gift exchanges, and making love. But he surprises her by showing her instead of telling her how deep his love is, offering to take their relationship to the next level.

Middle sister Mikayla and her boyfriend Phillip Becks have been going strong for two years. Despite a quick and rocky beginning that included Phillip sleeping with other women and Mikayla retaliating by sleeping around too, their last nasty break-up “helped” them realize living without each other was easier said than done. But then Mikayla discovers that her live-in boyfriend hasn’t been living up to his promise of fidelity. After finding out Phillip is still being unfaithful, the rage that builds in Mikalya has her seeing red… and out for blood, literally.

The baby, Malika, is a thinker and a planner. She’s also very vengeful. Mix those characteristics together and you have the makeup of a person you shouldn’t cross…or else. Two specific people have crossed Malika – her ex-boyfriend and first love Rico Martinez and his friend Nalani Vincent. During Malika and Rico’s relationship, Rico introduced Nalani to Malika as his friend. Nalani even went as far as befriending Malika so she could get closer to Rico. With Malika in the dark about her intentions, Nalani’s efforts finally paid off when Rico dropped Malika and started a relationship with her. So Malika’s planning the ultimate payback after being betrayed and having her heartbroken by Rico. But in her plot for revenge, Rico is just the pawn while Nalani is the target. 


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O’Shea sisters, Maliya, Mikayla, and Malika, thought they knew where their lives were headed at the conclusion of Love, Hate & Revenge, PT. 1. But neither one of them will be prepared for what the future has in store for them. Lies, deception, and someone living a double life will send their house of cards tumbling. And one of their relationships will end in a shocking way… which one will it be?

Newly engaged Maliya O’Shea is planning to walk down the aisle, marrying the one man she believes God put on this earth just for her. The one thing she didn’t plan for is getting distracted by another man. But not just any man. A handsome gentleman who will be instrumental in her upcoming nuptials. It doesn’t help that she suspects her fiancé, Omari, is living foul. Are her suspicions just her troubled past with her exes rearing its ugly head or will Maliya learn firsthand what they mean when they say when you make plans, God laughs?

A fiery Mikayla has given her live-in boyfriend Phillip so many chances she’s run out of fingers and toes to count them. But after his last infidelity, she’s had enough. She made a threatening promise to him about the next time he plays her. And though he’s been good, even better to her body, his past indiscretions have been bad to her heart. He’ll eventually tell a little lie that will force an insecure Mikayla to take a different, more cerebral approach when punishing him. And being more mental and less physical will only add creativity to her fury. To what end is she willing to go to deliver on her promise? And will their tattered relationship be able to survive it?

The scorned one, Malika, made a plan and executed it flawlessly. But unbeknownst to her target Nalani… Malika getting knocked up by Nalani’s new husband (a.k.a Malika’s ex-boyfriend), Rico, was only the beginning of Malika’s well thought out plan. Though Malika’s got it all planned out, she underestimates how dirty Nalani is willing to fight for her marriage. And while Nalani may think she knows the motivation behind Malika’s actions, she’s got it all wrong. Will Malika get the revenge she’s been plotting? Or is she in way over her head with this one?

Find out all this and more in Love, Hate, & Revenge, PT. 2!

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Oh, someone is getting married… can you guess who?
O’Shea sisters, Maliya, Mikayla, and Malika, return for the final book of the Love, Hate & Revenge series and they are all on the same page… heartbroken and pissed. Though these women think they have it all figured out, neither one of them will be prepared for what happens next.
Omari’s secret life shocked Maliya to the core after she caught him and his lover in the act. Unlucky with love, she’ll discover that everything happens for a reason when she finds the cure for her broken heart is right there in front of her. Will her heart be strong enough to gamble with falling in love yet again?
Mikayla has finally reached a breaking point. She’s through with the reruns starring Phillip and his other women, and she’s ready to deliver a fiery payback… literally. Mikayla’s forced to act on her threat and Phillip will be none the wiser. She’s promised herself that after she carries out her devious act, she’s leaving him for good. Will she stick with her own plan?
Speaking of plans, Malika may have lost the battle, but she’s gearing up for war. Getting involved in a fight for custody for her newborn baby was not one of Malika’s plans. But as always, she’s prepared to adjust and execute her Plan B, accordingly. She’ll also reveal to Nalani the true motive behind her original plan to get pregnant by Rico. And that truth will send Nalani spinning. But who will come out the real winner in all of this?
Find out what happens when emotions erupt and truths are revealed in the final book of The Love, Hate & Revenge series!

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He’s a lustful ladies’ man, and she’s a compassionate charmer committed to chastity. They had a relationship their peers swore would last a lifetime… until it didn’t.
Pryce Williams
“I’ll admit it; I messed up. But I was young, dumb, and full of… you know the rest. The creator was too good to me when he brought Leelah Waters into my life my senior year in high school. Innocent with an open heart, she was way too good for the person I became the moment I started college. That was 16 years ago though, and I’ve wasted my time with enough women to know they don’t give me what she gives me and I’m convinced they never will. I’m more than ready for all the stuff they say love has to offer, and I want it only with Leelah. I’m so serious about earning her back, I’m prepared to make possibly the dumbest decision of my career to be with her. But is she willing to listen to my side and accept me back after I broke her heart?”
Leelah Waters
“I’ll admit it; I messed up. I was young, dumb, and fell for the guy with the looks and the popularity who told me he loved me but showed me he didn’t. I can’t believe I made the mistake of imagining my life with him at such a young age! As if a boy like Pryce Williams would live and love the family life when his career hadn’t even taken off yet. The women who were once teenaged girls have always flocked to him. They shot their shots. But I always believed Pryce and my bond was too damn real and way too strong for him to ever slip up. But he did, and we were over just like that. And I moved on, several times and with several men, eventually needing to force myself into chastity to save me from me. I’m better now… a little. And I’m over him. Then why after all this time does it feel like I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for Pryce to return to repair the heart he broke?”
Amongst the seven vices, lust is considered the least severe because this vice deals with the sin of the flesh and not of the spirit. In fact, lust is labeled as misplaced desire for deep affection. A desire in need of redirection. Can the virtuous one who is chaste cure a lustful heart with the one thing that heart desires the most, love?
*This book contains sexually explicit content. LUST is a standalone and the second book in The Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. GREED is next…


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“What are we doing, Gigi?”
“Surviving. We’re surviving, August.”

Life dealt Genesis Garner and August Hall two crushing blows in the same night – the death of their spouses and their spouses’ affair with each other. 

Blindsided by the news and forced to deal with their new realities, August and Genesis find refuge in one another while uncovering a truth they never saw coming. A truth written in the stars and always meant to be. 

*This book contains sexually explicit content and mild themes of death and grief. If any of the above is of a sensitive nature to you, please browse Brookelyn Mosley’s catalogue of other stories to find the best fit for your reading experience.

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Welcome to Hollywood. A town that challenges true love in an industry where relationships survive off illusions.
Melodee Delon and Amir Jones went from being just friends to passionate lovers. But will the change from lovers to committed spouses be as much of a success?
Evolving from a nobody to a somebody overnight sent Melodee’s world spinning. Life changed for her the moment she accepted Amir’s marriage proposal in front of millions. Their whirlwind romance continues without a hitch, but not without its ups and tragic downs.
Their love blooms as husband and wife, true. But an unexpected event strains the trust in their relationship and threatens their happy ending soon after they say, “I do.”
Moving to a zip code where glitz and glamour is protocol and being strategically genuine is a priority does a great job at complicating things between them. This forces Melodee out of her element and makes her underestimate people’s true motives. With Amir by her side though, she’s willing to adjust and face her new reality in an industry where gossip mavens give rumors the same respect as facts. But what happens when the one thing that almost pulled them apart the first time, loyalty, tests their bond once again? 
Can their relationship and love for each other survive the turbulence of being married in Hollywood? Or will the hedonistic illusion of Hollyweird suck them in then spit them out with no love left to salvage?
Catch up with a couple who will steal your heart and take you on an emotional roller coaster one last time in the sequel to Girl Code… Mr. & Mrs. Jones!

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What if you found the love of your life at an age most believed was too young for you to know for sure?

Ayla Samuels and Hassani Franklin met at fourteen-years-old. They became fast friends and at a time in Ayla’s life when she needed a friend the most. The trust cultivated through their friendship influenced a decision that would alter their platonic relationship years later. That decision also becomes the catalyst behind a series of occurrences that push Ayla and Hassani to make choices out of fear instead of with hope.

Ayla Samuels has two loves – a love of math and photography. She didn’t think she had room to love anything or anyone else. Despite seeing her parents in love during her formative years, Ayla grew up viewing romantic love as a weakness. When she finds something special in her friend Hassani, she restricts the desires of her heart, believing if she gave into those feelings, she’d lose him or worse… herself.

Hassani Franklin, an academic track star, had always kept himself inundated in activities. His true loves were track and architecture, and girls of course. But when he meets Ayla Samuels, he feels something he never felt before with any other girl. And despite how hard he tries, his feelings for Ayla never subside years later. He suppresses those desires though at the insistence of someone he looks up to, believing that person is never wrong, especially in matters of the heart.

Hindsight is 20/20 and things are often clearer when we reflect on the past; a fact all too familiar to Ayla and Hassani. But will hindsight provide insight and move blocks unintentionally placed in Ayla and Hassani’s path by the people closest to them? Or will hindsight haunt a love destined but stunted, and that could have thrived if allowed to grow from the start? 


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For 4 years, Lila Moore has lusted after barbershop owner Manny Perez, longing for the day when he’d give in to his desires and give her the best sex she believes she deserves. From the first day they met, their sexual attraction to one another has been magnetic. 
As Kuts Kings first and only female barber, Lila has to hold her own and be one of the guys to fit in. But she worries her down-to-earth personality may be what’s keeping Manny from finally making the first move. 

But that’s not the only thing keeping them apart. 

On Lila’s first day working at Kuts Kings, Manny quickly established a “no fraternizing” rule that prohibited any sexual relationships from happening between the barbers and Lila, including himself. Instead of this ending any attraction Lila had for Manny, those two little words only intensified her feelings for him. She also suspected the rule was more for Manny than anyone else, and she might be right. 

But this doesn’t stop her from trying to get Manny to break his own rule. Her consistency will pay off but not without a bump in the road. 

To her surprise, Lila discovers Manny hasn’t been completely honest with her and has been keeping a little secret. But there’s no turning back. Both Lila and Manny will have to decide if they should honor the rule or take their work relationship to another level. 

eBook | Signed Paperback



Mixing business with pleasure may not have been such a good idea for Lila and Manny after all. After taking their work relationship to the next level, Lila landed herself in some emotional drama. And it’s about to get even more dramatic.

Fed-up with the back and forth, Lila forces Manny to be upfront and honest about who he wants to be with. When Manny finally decides, his decision will set off a chain of events that will lead to Lila being pursued by a surprise admirer, involved with someone new, and eventually sucked into a situation she’s avoided because of her past. 

And while all of that is happening, Lila’s attraction to Manny never falters.

Told through the perspective of Lila herself, No Fraternizing: Part 2 will put Manny and Lila’s fiery passion for each other to the test to see if what they have is worth maintaining after the smoke clears.

eBook | Signed Paperback



It all started with that damn no fraternizing rule. And now, things are about to get too real.

Lila simply wasn’t ready for the emotional storm that’s coming her way… and neither are you.

In the first few lines of No Fraternizing, Part 2, Lila found herself standing in the middle of Manny’s office forcing him to make a choice between she and Ashley. 

But now Lila is in a similar predicament. The only difference is that she’s the decider and no longer the one waiting to get chose.

After facing the music with Mello following her night of passion with Manny, Lila makes a promise that’s doomed from the very start. 

But that’s a spec of dirt in a molehill of drama and Lila’s got even bigger problems than that.

Someone important will share information with her that will shake up her reality and leave her feeling like life as she knows it isn’t as she thought it to be.
Deciding who will get her heart will be simplified, though. But not without its own set of drama to sort out first. 

Find out what happens when the tables turn and shocking secrets come to light in the final novella of the No Fraternizing series!

BONUS! The full PROLOGUE from Love, Hate & Revenge, PT. 1 is available in every download of No Fraternizing, PT. 3!

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In the high-stakes music world, where dreams are often made and sometimes broken, One Mic, a music reality show competition, will add a new dynamic to the mix when two contestants blur the lines between romance and rivalry.

Six talented artists, one coveted music deal, and only two weeks to prove they have what it takes to be the last one holding the mic. As the countdown begins and pressure mounts, love unexpectedly blossoms between two contestants, Jaide Belair and Lucas “Lucky” Cassidy, blurring the lines between romance and rivalry. With every lyric penned and note sung, Lucky and Jaide must navigate the unfamiliar waters of competition while struggling to make sense of a budding attraction neither one of them saw coming… or are prepared to see to the end. Can their new attraction survive the pressures of the reality show competition? Or will their ambition to be the last one standing make them favor winning over falling in love with each other?


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She’s a prideful pampered princess, and he’s a handsome humbled humanitarian. Separately, they had their plans and falling in love wasn’t one of them.
Summer McKoy
“I had it all figured out. Well, my mother did, and that was fine because she’s been that way with me since birth. My plan was simple – secure the only position available after completing my summer internship, accepting a job reserved for me. All I had to do was show up. How hard could that be, right? I’m focused enough, I’m bright enough, hell… I have the assuredness of one trillion beauty queens and a smile that would blind the sun. With men, I was just as sure. I knew the prototype of man I was born to end up with. Knew everything about him down to the social class his family needed to be in because hierarchy matters to me. And Jayce Martin? He didn’t have the clout to check off a single box on my ideal partner list. Jayce shouldn’t even hold a pencil anywhere near my list! Then why on earth is it a challenge keeping my mind off this guy… or my heart from wanting to love him?”
Jayce Martin
“My family has always been my priority. Every move I ever executed, every choice I ever made, my intentions have always been to put them in a better position. So, my plan was simple – secure a property for my mother and my younger twin siblings by landing a coveted position at one of the top law firms in the country with a focus on pocketing their sign-on bonus. I planned to intern there after graduation. This was a chance of a lifetime! People always said I was smart, but opportunities like this one bypassed guys like me often. I mean… the fact they selected me out of a pool of thousands of applicants was my life’s plot twist. But here I am, my mind sharpened, my goals clear, and the job mine if I prove that I’m worthy. Then why is it difficult to keep my head in the game and my mind off this girl named Summer McKoy?”
Believed to be the gateway through where all sins enter the mortal soul, pride wears the crown as the sin that gives rise to all other sins. If the vices were a tree, pride would be the root.
What will happen when pride, the sin of which all sins come from, falls in love with its opposite, a virtue, humility? 
*This book contains sexually explicit content. PRIDE is a standalone and the first book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books makes up this series. LUST is next… 



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After experiencing a heartbreaking loss, Rylee Daniels made a firm decision – she only has time to focus on four things: her career, her peace, her family, and her friends. That’s it. To her, if she’s got those four things, she will never want for more. Especially if that more involves putting herself back out there to date and possibly find romantic love again.

Because… she isn’t ready. 

She wasn’t ready to lose her best friend. She wasn’t ready to raise two young children on her own. So, she certainly isn’t ready to put dating back into her life’s plans. 

At least that’s what she thinks. 

Her life has a history of presenting scenarios that challenge her beliefs, and Rylee will learn this once again when a change in routine alters her plans and parallels the possibility of being what she believed she could never be again – ready.



Award-winning songwriter, Maven Young, wanted to get away for the holiday. After switching up plans, which she initially expected to spend alone in a Miami hotel suite, she’s on her way to a Colorado cabin in the woods to be with her friends. She’s prepared to see the occasional wandering wildlife. What she doesn’t prepare for is seeing her ex. 

Hotshot A&R, Kai Avery, is eager to charter a private flight to a Caribbean island in anticipation of escaping the frostiness of the holidays in the city. But at the insistence of his best friend, he’s changed flight plans, opting for a little R&R in front of a toasty fireplace. While he’s expecting to stay warm by the glow of a fire, nothing can prepare him for the blaze from his past that will smoke his plans.

This Christmas, old flames, Maven and Kai, will learn once and for all if the embers from their past union can help rekindle a romance neither one of them saw coming. Or will they only end up getting burned?


eBook | Signed Paperback


Ayanna Dale has willingly put herself in a precarious situation. She only planned to get back at her cheating ex-boyfriend when she cheated back with her friend, Dallas. She didn’t honestly expect for anything serious to result from her decision. The latter becomes a source of worry for a jaded Ayanna, not because Dallas is her friend. But because he’s also her ex-boyfriend’s brother.

Dallas Roque has always known what he’s wanted and, like his skills on the basketball court, he has taken his time to act on his undisclosed feelings for his friend Ayanna. Though her impulsive decision pushes him to do what he’s always wanted to do, he’s unprepared for the aftermath, especially when his heart gets caught in the crossfire.

In any other circumstance, what happened between Ayanna and Dallas should’ve never happened. But when it does, it unearths something else between them that neither of them planned for – a beautiful discovery of what love really looks like, despite how it bloomed.


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Over the years, Romello “Mello” St. Claire’s good looks and unapologetic playboy charm has helped him to amass a mental Rolodex of women. He was schooled on the art of seduction before the age of 19. And as a result, he finds juggling the attention of the opposite sex to be as simple as blinking. 

On the outside looking in, he’s got it made. Mello’s street smart, business savvy, well-paid, and a smooth-talking Casanova. But there’s a side to him he’s kept hidden… until now. 

After a poor decision put Mello in the crosshairs of NYPD detectives, he’s forced to leave New York.
What city does he run off to? 


He planned for the move to only be temporary. But Mello’s escape from New York quickly evolves into something that challenges his original plans. 

Mello arrived in Miami with one agenda: to lie low in the sunny south until police interest in him went cold up north. He expected the warmer climate. But he never imagined love being in the forecast. 

Rayelle Bell, an exotic pole dancing instructor, saunters into his life as quickly as he arrives in town and circumstances draws him to her just as suddenly. 

Unlike the women before her she doesn’t make it easy for Mello to make a place in her world. It’s not like she’s high-maintenance, difficult to please or anything. In fact, she’s the total opposite. But the emotional wall she’s built around her heart that’s thicker than New York City concrete keeps her on guard and immune to his game. It creates a challenge for Mello… and intrigues him at the same time.

He’s learned everything there is to know about women. What they like, what they want, how to offer all of that to them in a way they couldn’t resist and that would have them willing to do anything to keep his interest. 

Well, after meeting Ms. Bell, he must forget all that he’s been taught. 

To earn her affections, he must assemble the puzzle that is him and dig deep to deal with the side of himself he hates the most… the demons of his past. But is Rayelle worth him dredging all that up?

*They Call Me Mello is a standalone novel and spinoff from the novella series No Fraternizing. It also serves as a continuation of his short story in Forbidden. It is advised that readers read the series and Mello’s story in the anthology before really getting to know the man behind the name.



Desiree met Zane the evening of Independence Day at Brooklyn’s Coney Island. On Christmas Eve that same year, Zane brought her back there to ask her to be his wife. Two months later they exchanged vows. Then ten months after that she forgot it all… including Zane. Before they met, Desiree never thought she could fall in love with a man she barely knew. Can she do it again?

**This is a re-release with 3 bonus scenes!




‘Twas the night before Christmas when Ms. Nice got naughty.

After ending a decade-long relationship, leaving her commitment-phoebe boyfriend and the home they shared, a goal-digging Cadence Nice has moved into a new apartment building, prepared to start a new life… as planned.

The only thing she didn’t plan for was dealing with her new neighbor, Meki Knight. The obnoxious condescending a-hole, as she would describe, has the kind of look that makes a woman who’s normally used to being in charge forget her train of thought and trip over her words. 

He’s bold, has the body of a God, and possesses a gorgeous smile. And he’d be the perfect package if he wasn’t such a jerk. Between loud music and even louder houseguests, Meki has zero consideration for Cadence. And he’s wearing her patience paper thin. 

After their first rude introduction to one another, Meki left Cadence hating him with a passion… literally. And following a chance meeting in an unlikely place, Cadence’s attraction for Meki reaches a fever high that could melt a snowman into a puddle of water. Unfortunately, so does her fiery discontent for him. 

The only way she’ll be able to get along with Meki is by stepping outside of her comfort zone and doing something unplanned that she’s never imagined doing as a woman whose strict life is narrated by her day planner. 

And when she does, there will be nothing silent about her decision.

BONUS READ! Included in each download is the prologue and FIRST THREE CHAPTERS of my new erotic love story, Girl Code!

*This story contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (18 years or older)



When Life Gives You Sunsets, book two in The Energy Series, by Brookelyn Mosley.

eBook | Signed Paperback


What if at the very moment you gave up on finding  love, you found hope for it over 4,000 miles away? Would you allow yourself to explore that hope to confirm if it’s real or would you let doubt decide for you?

When Clarke Ali encountered Yusuf Baldwin while en route to her vacation in Maui, a misunderstanding quickly forms a skewed first impression. Clarke had just discovered a truth that morphed her newly sprouted optimism from love to jadedness, and Yusuf had experienced a painful loss he convinced himself he would never recover from in his lifetime.

Neither Clarke nor Yusuf wanted anything to do with love again after their experiences with it. To them, love wasn’t worth the effort to pursue. Especially since their love lives had uncovered that forever has an expiration date. But something more powerful, more significant than their island stay, keeps putting them in the same space at the same time. What they do with that time proves that what they’ve discovered in each other isn’t as random as they thought. It may have always been written in the stars.

If they allow it, their chance meetings on the island of sunsets will reveal to them both that painful endings can lead to healing beginnings, too.

Will they be brave together and let what they found in one another play out long enough to see if what they have is real? Or will their aversion to romantic relationships reduce what they’ve unearthed in each other to being just an island fling?

*When Life Gives You Sunsets is book two in The Energy Series. Though it is a part of a series, this story, like book one, is a standalone. WLGYS contains sexually explicit content, profanity, grief, and grieving the death of a spouse.

eBook | Signed Paperback


What if you only got three chances to meet and fall in love with the love of your life but with your first two chances, you simply weren’t ready… and the third chance, your final one, is showing all the signs of being in jeopardy?

When Luke Lockett met Juliette Hart for the first time, it was like a moment written in the stars. Born and raised in two different parts of New York, Luke and Juliette attended rivaling universities that encouraged them to hate one another.

Something stronger than any rivalry could ever create kept drawing them to each other in the unlikeliest of ways. But that thing that kept attracting them to one another also played a role in keeping them apart.

Their collegiate affiliations rewarded Luke and Juliette for despising each other. Hate could never compete with love, though, because hate just doesn’t compare.

After a viral moment pulls Luke and Juliette together once again over a decade after graduating from their rivaling universities, they’ll have to decide if the third time is really a charm or if their unlikely encounters are nothing more than coincidences.  

eBook | Signed Paperback


Lauryn James is a wayward waitress wrestling with a wrecking within. Asher Truesdale is  a promising psychology student who is pure at heart. Lauryn’s got wrathful ways. Asher has Prince Charming principles. Her temper is explosive, and he has the patience of a saint to be her calm. How they met was divine timing. What they create becomes a magnet for miracles. A mistake they believed should have never happened was actually a catalyst for something always meant to be.


Asher could do better than me. A lot better. He has a heart framed in love and I have a heart shadowed by rage. Because rage fueled me before meeting him and kept me safe. Ironically, Asher changed that. I hated men and wanted nothing more than to cause them as much pain as just one man caused me. But Asher was different. Asher is the guy a girl like me is supposed to only crush on but not actually attract. I have issues that are way too deep to solve. A life that was ruined before it could really begin. My past is way too dark to see light anywhere in it and yet he’s looked past all I think is bad to see my good. Even if I could accept that I got lucky getting the attention of a man with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint, there’s no telling how long it will take for him to realize that saving me is impossible. Not without losing himself. 


I want to be the better Lauryn needs. She was never the plan, but then again, I don’t really follow plans all that well, anyway. I’ve never experienced hardship in my life, so providing the safe space she desires is an honor. Her issues are not her own and I want her to know I don’t find them to be the burden she thinks they are to me. Before meeting her, I believed I ruined my life, a life I’ve never quite been happy living, to everyone’s surprise. All that changed when I met her. She requires patience, a lot of patience, and I’ve got more than enough to give. Besides, love is kind and patient, and she deserves at least that after all she’s been through. If only she could see that I fully understand and I will meet her needs. If only she knew she was saving me just as much as she believes I’m saving her… if not more.

Wrath is a passion that inclines humans to act with a desire for vengeance. The passion by itself isn’t good or evil, but it can take on a moral quality that is rooted in intent. Wrath, in this context, is a strong feeling of resentment and a thirst for revenge. Like every vice, there is its heavenly virtue. One that overcomes and transforms the opposing vice. And patience is wrath’s countering virtue. But can the patient one soothe the wrath in another, transmuting this vice by providing refuge with reason and love? Or will this wrath be too great and too justified that it ends up consuming them both?

WRATH is a standalone and book six in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. WRATH contains references to assault, self-destruction, and depression. This book contains sexually explicit content and profanity. Seven books make up this series. SLOTH is next…