2023 In Review – The Year I Moved In Faith

It feels like I was writing a 2022 year in review just yesterday.

This year started off with me running on a ground that felt like it was already in motion and it’s kind of ending the same. I have been working all year, and I am not exaggerating. Home has been busy and so have my writing and creative projects. There has been very little time for rest, and you know what? I’m not complaining! This was apparently the season for me to work and build sturdy foundations. A season for many storms to hit, too, and to clear what no longer served me out. But nothing compares to the amount of work and building I had to do in faith. 

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Scenes from my stories that live rent-free in my head, Pt. 1

I’ve written a lot of books. When I look back at how many stories I’ve outlined and written in my almost 9-years of being a self-published author, I’m blown away by the number of stories I’ve told. While I love every moment in a story told by me, there are specific moments that live rent-free in my head.

These are scenes that likely inspired the storyline of said story or they are scenes I just couldn’t wait to sit in front of my computer to get out of my head and onto a doc. 

Whatever the case, I’ve created an online series highlighting my favorite scenes that I remember often and that continue to live rent-free in my head in a constant loop. And there are many so we’ll have a lot to look back on!

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A Love Deferred Turns Five And Gets A New Cover

I’m proud of myself! I have made goals this year that I have set and crushed, and this is yet another one of those goals.

When I released A Love Deferred five years ago today, I told myself I would re-do both A Love Deferred and the story it continues, Unsilent Knight’s, book covers. Although I loved both covers individually, I wanted the covers to share similar elements visually. I wanted them to have similar styles and not look so different from each other. 

I put off the task several times over the years, but this year I said I would do it. 

And I did. 

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