9 for $0.99 Anniversary Sale

Do you know what today is? It’s my authorversary! 🥰

I hope you heard that in the tune of Tony! Toni! Tone!’s “Anniversary” 😚🎶. 

Today marks my 9-year self-publishing journey’s birthday. She’s a big girl now! 

To celebrate, I’ve put the 9 stories that changed my writing life on sale for $0.99 for the next 24 hours. Get them while you can!

What a time to be alive and to celebrate another year as a self-published author.

Click the links below to download your copies and enjoy! 

My eBook Sale is Happening Now

A good bulk of my eBook titles on Amazon have Kindle Countdowns that will last for the next 3 days.

I’ve got titles from series, holiday novellas, and standalones that are marked down as low as $0.99.

This sale ends on Monday, 11/27 at 11:59pm PST. 

Click the link below to browse my catalog and see what titles are on sale. 

#Sale: Let’s Celebrate #35 With a Paperback Sale!

This Friday, April 7th, I’m releasing my 35th self-published title. The journey to 35 hasn’t been easy, but it has been a journey worth traveling twice. 

I don’t celebrate enough and one of my goals this year is to celebrate everything! 

To start, I’m offering 35% off signed paperbacks (except for the Love, Hate & Revenge series) on ByBrookelynMosley.com from now and until Saturday, April 8th

To take part in the sale, use code THIRTYFIVE at checkout to get 35% off your favorite title by me. 


#Sale: Langston U eBook Sale!

My next book – a former school rivals/enemies-to-lovers story, When Luke Met Juliette – will bring us back to the fictional university Langston University.

While there are a few characters in some of my books that are LU alumni, Pride, My First, My Last, and So This is Love, take us through the doors of LU and give us a glimpse at college life on this beautiful campus. Interestingly enough, I had a lot of fun creating these three stories. I’m thinking college settings are my jam!

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#SALE: Twice in Love is FREE today only!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Valentine’s Day short story, Twice in Love, is available as a free download today ONLY. If you haven’t read this story or of you only read it on KU, this is a great time to add it to your Kindle library. The link to download is pasted below. Enjoy!

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My eBook and Paperback Sales Are Happening Now!

I’m hosting two sales this weekend for my eBooks and paperbacks. On Amazon, over 15 of my eBook titles are on sale for 99¢, including my recent spring release So This is Love. In fact, there are two series with books that are on sale! This is an excellent time to build your digital library with my books. 

This sale ends November 28th at 11:59pm EST.

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Pride, Lust, Greed, & Envy Are All On Sale This Week!

In anticipation of adding to the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series, I’ve put the released books in the series – Pride, Lust, Greed, and Envy – on sale for $0.99.

One book from the series each day is scheduled for a Kindle Countdown Deal and will be reduced to $0.99 for that day only.

Pride is the first story on sale. Find the link to download and be sure to check Amazon each day until Friday for the next book on sale.



My First, My Last is 1-Year-Old & On Sale!

My First, My Last – a friends-to-lovers novel I released last year – turned 1-year-old last weekend, but I was busy having a great time at Indie Love in New Orleans to remember to let you know that! 

Because I love this book and the characters and because I believe it deserves to be celebrated, I’ve put My First, My Last the eBook on sale for $0.99.

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#eBookSale: Meant to Be & Forbidden: An Anthology Are On Sale for 24hrs!

They say as an author, every so often you should return to your books to re-read your work to see how far you’ve come. I don’t always re-read my books after they have published. That’s because I’m often working on something new and simply don’t have the time. 

I’m currently working on Book Five in my Love is Cure, Vol. 1. – Vices & Virtues series, Gluttony, and I’ve had to return to my previously published books to stay aligned with storylines and timelines. One of those books has been Meant to Be– a story that continues a short story in Forbidden: An Anthology. 

Re-reading this story gave me all the feels. The characters August and Genesis are that amazing as a pair and the story premise, chile, is one you can’t look away from. 

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#Sale: BK’s Spring Paperback Sale Is Happening Now!

I’m hosting a spring paperback sale at my book and mug shop, ByBrookelynMosley.com right now! The sale runs from today, April 15th to Sunday, April 24th. Select paperbacks are marked down to $8 including my newest releases ENVY and Ready or Not

BK’s Spring Paperback Sale, April 15th – April 24th

This is a great time to grab series additions from the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series as well as available books in my Forbidden series. The final book, So This is Love, is scheduled for release in 2-weeks!

There is no code required. All paperbacks on sale have been marked down to the sale price. Shipping is free for orders of $30 or over with code FREESHIP. 

Go now! Paperbacks are available on a first come first serve basis!

This sale ends Sunday, April 24th at 11:59 pm EST.


Flash Sale! $8 Paperback Sale Today Only

Eight is my favorite number and according to a lot of numerologists, today, 8/8, is one of the luckiest days of the year! So, it seemed only right to host a sale today.

The $8 paperback sale is going on right now and is only for today. A select number of my paperbacks including my latest release, My First, My Last is on sale for a limited time.

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Paperback Sale!

The first sale of the year starts today, and guess what? A few paperbacks from my latest releases are on sale! Loveless, GREED, & Meant To Be are available and on sale for a limited time for $8! Book totes are on sale for $12. The sale ends Monday, March 1st.

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Black Friday Deals!

I love a good deal like the next book lover so I had to offer a few of my own! This Black Friday, I’m hosting two sales – a paperback/tote bag sale in my online store and an ebook sale on Amazon! Find links below and thank you for your support in advance!

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