The First Few Pages Of The Introduction From ‘Forbidden: An Anthology’


“I once heard the best sex is usually with the person you shouldn’t be fucking.” – Lila Moore (No Fraternizing, PT. 3)

Along the busy sidewalks of New York City, lifelong and transplant New Yorkers spill out of the turnstile doors of businesses, climb up train station stairs, or step through the opened doors of yellow taxis.

The p.m. hours remain young from the glittering skyscrapers that allows the night to sparkle under the full silver moon. Approximately, 8.5 million people of varying races and nationalities call this place home. A melting pot of personalities in a city filled to the brim with secrets.

Skeletons fill closets from the projects in Brooklyn to the walk-in ones in Manhattan. Some people who walk these tough streets are in love. Others are walking billboards of people scorned, mindlessly advertising broken hearts covered in picked scabs that have never healed.

In the dark evening, the sun descending behind tall buildings hours ago; the streets are far from quiet. The aroma of mouthwatering cuisine hijacks the air seducing appetites and serving as aphrodisiacs to most. After clocking out from 9-to-5s or peeling themselves away from computer screens as start-up entrepreneurs, drinking-aged adults busy themselves with finding trouble to get into for the night. Some will run the streets and unexpectedly find Mr or Mrs. Right while others will happily settle for Mr and Mrs. Right now.

While hopeless romantics swear making love is the best, some people find solace in sex with a person they know they shouldn’t be sexing.

Tasteful taboos aren’t odd in a city that never sleeps. And because it is a metropolis of souls searching for understanding of self, decisions are made and mistakes happen that leave situations with bitter aftertastes, strongly coated in karma.

End Of Preview.

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