Catching Up With Cadence & Meki from A Love Deferred

I’m so deep into Gluttony that there’s no turning back now, which is a great thing, because the love I’m nurturing for this project has me enjoying every chapter I create. The details in Gluttony are so precise, I’m taking my time to bring them to life in story form. The details matter and the details help move the story forward. I can’t wait to share more. 

As mentioned in a previous post, I have plans to include a few familiar faces from my previously published stories. While a lot of the couple updates have and will continue to appear in the BK Book Lounge (there’s a new glimpse publishing next soon!) some couples deserve an update too detailed for a glimpse but too short for another book.

Meki and Cadence Knight (nee Cadence Nice) are one of those couples. 

When we first met Cadence and Meki, they were in a feud as next-door neighbors before the holidays. They eventually squashed their beef and formed something complicated in the follow up to Unsilent KnightA Love Deferred.

A Love Deferred allowed us to view Cadence and Meki through a new lens. Cadence wasn’t sure if she could trust how her relationship with Meki was developing, whereas Meki was a little more forthcoming with how his feelings for Cadence were changing. 

What resulted was a push and pull kind of situationship which ended in a happily ever after unique to them.

And now in Gluttony, for a short while, we’ll get to see where they are now.

I can’t wait for you to see what they’ve been up to! 

Have you read Unsilent Knight and A Love Deferred?

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