Pay Me In… PT. 2

Author’s Note:

Hold up! There’s a part 1 to this. Make sure you read it first (Click Here To Read Now!) before continuing to read this  ;-). If you’ve read it and you’re all caught up, carry on… Just as the first one, this story was written in 24-hours, contains explicit content, and has been lightly edited by me.


Cornell leaned forward to pick his textbook up and off the floor, plopping it down on to the coffee table.

“Damn,” he spat before scraping his hand down his face. His eyes had already trailed up the path to his bedroom. The weight of his heart in his chest difficult to ignore as he imagined what he’d see the moment he walked into he and Janae’s room.

He sighed as he leaned back in his seat, purposely banging his head against the wall behind the couch twice. Janae’s face, her eyes, the moment she saw him sexing Charity to a fluttering orgasm was stuck in view even when he shut his eyelids tight. The defeat in Janae’s stance was clear as she watched him climax with another woman right in front of her.

Cornell took a slow deep breath in then stood to his feet.

He took quiet steps toward their room.

Her sobs were audible through the open bedroom door. His eyes soon glimpsed her sitting in the middle of the bed, her forehead in her hand. Her shoulders shrugged uncontrollably as she sobbed through tight lips, forcing herself not to cry too loud. Cornell paused at the doorway. His lips parted but he could not speak. Instead, his words dangled from his tongue like bruised fruit.

And when she looked up at him her eyes were red. They stared at each other for a moment before Janae scoffed and leaned back in bed. As her head hit the pillow her fingers gripped their comforter, pulling the covers up and over her head.

Cornell wanted to go to her. Pull her into his arms and tell her what she saw meant nothing to him. But Charity’s scent was all over him. He could still taste her essence on his tongue. So, he tossed the remaining condoms on the night table on his side of the bed then headed straight into the bathroom.

Over the sink he brushed his teeth and scrubbed his tongue hard as he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

“This is so fucked up,” he mumbled as he finished, dropping the toothbrush in the trash. He glanced out of the bathroom to check on Janae as he peeled off his clothes and stepped into the tub.

After soaping himself twice, he stood under the shower head, hot water raining down on him. He pressed his palms flat against the tub’s tiled wall as he hung his head over his chest with closed eyes.

He stood in there for a while, the water washing down his tatted arms and broad back. If he had it his way, what happened a few moments ago would circle the drain and disappear like the suds of soap sloshing off him.

“Fuck.” He grunted, shaking his head and dragging his wet hand down his face. Things would definitely change after tonight between he and Janae and the reality of it all made it tough for him to swallow.

He bit at his bottom lip as he wondered if their relationship could even survive this.

A few nights ago, Cornell and Janae discussed it being a possibility… him having sex with Charity as a substitute for paying rent. He did it in the past. Janae wasn’t aware. But he knew Janae actually seeing it was a different beast.

He sighed as he shut off the water, already thinking about what his first words would be to the woman he loved.

When Cornell walked back into their bedroom, Janae’s body was wrapped tight beneath their comforter, her back facing him. If she wanted to make it known that she didn’t want to be bothered by him, she succeeded. She was sniffing back tears so he knew she was still awake.

He didn’t even busy himself with combing through his draw for a pair of boxers. He needed to lay beside his woman, skin-to-skin to speak heart-to-heart. As he lifted the covers on his side of the bed he saw her shuffle away from him and closer to the edge of the bed on her side. That didn’t stop him from slipping under the covers and closing the distance between them.

“Don’t touch me,” she said low.

“Baby,” he whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I’m–”

“Don’t,” she said through a clenched jaw, shrugging his hand off of her.

He could have left it at that but he couldn’t let her go to bed this hurt and angry even if she had every right to be pissed.

So, he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his body close to hers. She tried to wrestle free but he held her tighter. After a short struggle she gave in to him, allowing him to hold her. He held her as she sniffed back tears while sad moans escaped the tight close of her lips. He kissed the back of her head and told her, “it meant nothing.”

“Whatever, Cornell,” she replied with a shaky voice. “Didn’t look like it meant nothing.”

That much was true. How could he deny that moment he climaxed and needed to look away from Janae until the feeling subsided? Grunting and moaning as he continued moving in and out of Charity.

“She means nothing to me,” he explained. “You’re my world. We spoke about me doing this.”

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it.”

“What choice did I have, Janae? She was threatening to put us out tonight. I ain’t got the money. Do you?”

Janae was quiet.

“Look at me.” he said, trying to turn her over so they could look at each other.



“I can’t right now.”

He sighed, slipping his hand beneath her and turning her gently so that she’d face him.

When she looked up at him, more tears fell. His thumb moved delicately down her cheeks catching the tears as they slipped from her eyes.

“You know I wanna marry you, right? I know for a fact that I want you to be my wife someday. I’m gonna get you a ring so big it’ll be impossible for you to bend this finger properly,” he said, singling out her ring finger beneath the covers.

Janae tried to suppress the smile pulling at her lips.

“I’m gonna buy us a house, designed by us, and built from the ground up. With a master bedroom double the size of this room. Our room is gonna have a sunroof overhead so that we can make love beneath the stars every night.”

“Hmph,” she huffed.

Cornell combed his fingers through Janae’s hair and she closed her eyes. Running his fingers through her raven strands was the one thing over everything else that got her going every time.

“I’m serious,” he told her. “I’m gonna give you everything you want, I promise. Because you’re my queen and everything I do, I do it for us. It’s you and me against the world. All we got is us, baby.”

They stared at each other for a moment.

“Be honest,” she said, “did you enjoy it… even a little bit?”

Cornell shook his head. “Not at all how I enjoy making love to you. She ain’t you, Janae.”

“You sounded like you did… enjoyed it with her.”

His hands journeyed farther below the covers as he slipped his hand up his shirt that she wore, running his fingers along her torso then over her soft nipples finally palming her breast. She moaned at him caressing her.

“She ain’t you,” he repeated.

“You kissed her.”

Cornell slid his hand down from her breasts to her hips, pushing his fingers behind the side of her panties and removing them slowly with her help.

“She. Ain’t. You,” he said again. “That was just a transaction.”

Janae rolled her eyes and turned her face away.

“With you, it’s an experience. It’s like heaven…” he forced her view back on to him by moving her chin with the tip of his finger. He leaned closer to kiss her lips but she didn’t kiss him back.

His fingers were soon between her wet lower lips when he spread them apart and pressed his fingertip against her pink nub. “I see fireworks when I’m inside you.”

Janae snorted. “Whatever, Cornell.”

He smiled at her. “Tell me you love me.”

She stared at him as he drew tiny circles on her clit with the pad of his finger.

Her inhales and exhales became audibly louder, her breasts rising and falling in his tee.

“Say it, Janae. I need to hear you say it.”

She shook her head then closed her eyes allowing herself to get lost in his touch.

He pressed his finger firmer against her, sliding that same finger lower until two of his fingers slowly disappeared between her thighs. He curved his fingertips in search of the silky ridges inside of her and when he found it, he glided his fingertips back and forth.

“Oooh, Cornell…” she moaned, moving her head to the side of her pillow to muffle her moans.

He watched as her lower back slightly lifted off the bed, how her hands grabbed the sheets below them as he manipulated her g-spot like a puppeteer. He knew which way to move his digits to get her to concede to his request.

“I can’t do life without you, baby,” he whispered in her ear. His fingers were wet with her juices as she moved her hips in accordance to his finger thrusts. “I’m nothing without you so I need to hear you tell me you love me.”

Soon those fingers were busy with reaching for the condom on the night stand behind him.

After sheathing his erection he turned her back onto her side so he could position himself behind her. Cornell entered her slow feeling her walls contract to his girth. He pinched her clit between his two fingers and teased it. He kissed her neck as he penetrated her slow and deep, leaning his forearm against her tiny waist to push her back on him. She reached behind him to press her hand flat against his backside, encouraging him to move even deeper… moaning, submitting.

He toyed with her clit between her lips some more as he sexed her from behind. Their moans in sync as he left love bites on her neck.

He felt when her thighs closed around his hand, her walls narrowing as she got wetter.

“Tell me, Janae.”

“You know I love you,” she whispered. “Why else would I be here?”

She was flat on her back when he positioned himself on top of her. Cornell stretched her arms wide and pinned her hands down on the mattress like the bed was their crucifix. He was deep in her when her moans got louder, no longer caring to keep her proof of being satisfied in that moment concealed behind a closed mouth. He was enthralled with her beauty as he stared down at his woman. Innocent but strong willed. Dark chocolate complexion with ebony eyes. A goddess. Straight natural hair that whisp past her shoulders with baby hairs that were now wet from her sweat. Her breasts, that jiggled beneath his shirt each time he pumped in and out of her, were the size of ripe melons.

He stared at her with his green eyes, falling in love with her even more with each stroke.

She freed her hands and reached for his face. He got harder simply from her touch. She pulled him down to her, pressing her lips to his and slipping him her tongue. Janae gave him sensual massages with her tongue, swirling and twirling, kissing him like she needed to prove she was worthy. She tightened around him and gasped, becoming still and freezing in place.

He slowed his pace. Moving in slow motion while keeping her pinned to the bed. Her upper back arched and slowly peeled off the mattress. She spread her legs wider to offer him a better angle to penetrate as she drew in air through her mouth and held it. Seconds after her muscles quivered around him a deep moan vibrated in her chest that resonated in his soul.

Her eyes opened again to look up at him and he stared at her feigning for his own climax. As the feeling built, blood rushing to his manhood, his pace quickened. She caressed his cheek and his body bucked. Janae wrapped her legs around him to hold him tighter as he filled his second condom for the night.

Cornell laid on top of her when they were done, showering her with kisses from her face down to her shoulder blades. He pressed his cheek to hers to whisper in her ear, “see, Janae, fireworks every time.”

He felt her lips stretch into a smile when he told her that.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms laying so close together, their limbs appeared intertwined as one.


It was exactly 6 a.m. Janae turned the corner, exiting she and Cornell’s bedroom while adjusting the straps of her black messenger bag as she made her way into the kitchen. She was pulling her hair up into a ponytail when she paused at the threshold and gritted her teeth.

Tomorrow, a Friday, will make it a month after she walked in on her man and Charity having sex.

Today, Charity, sort of fully dressed for once, stood near one of the kitchen counters with her phone in her hand and a smirk on her face. “Good morning, hon.”

Janae kissed her teeth as she wrapped her goody band around her hair and slammed her bag down on top of the counter near the entrance.

For weeks, Janae has attempted to avoid Charity. Spending long nights at the library and going to school early in the morning before her classes to search for and apply to good paying internships. She did anything to stay out of the co-op so that she was only there to eat and sleep.

But this morning, Charity was up earlier than usual.

Charity glanced at the time. “You’re always going to class. And so damn early in the morning. Are you always such a good girl?”

Janae remained silent as she brushed past Charity and walked to the fridge, pulling out a carton of almond milk. She walked it over to the opposite counter and stood with her back facing Charity as she poured cereal in her bowl.

After some silence, Charity grunted.

“What? You can’t speak?” Charity asked.

“I ain’t got shit to say to you,” Janae replied with a mouth half full.

“You still on that shit that happened between me and Nelly a month ago?”

“His name is Cornell,” Janae said low.

Charity laughed. “I thought you would have been used to sharing considering what he used to do for money. So, what you mad for?”

Janae said nothing in response.

“It wasn’t like I was greedy. I didn’t use up all his energy.” Charity licked her lips. “You got some of that dick later that same night. I heard y’all then and every night since that time.”

Janae rolled her eyes to herself.

Charity’s eyes went to work looking Janae up and down. And when Janae noticed Charity’s silence, she glanced over her shoulder to see Charity’s eyes focused on the back of her jeans and on her ass.

“Crazy bitch,” Janae mumbled as she finished the last of her cereal.

“What was that?” Charity challenged.

Janae kissed her teeth again. “Nothing.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Janae shook her head, grabbed her bag then stomped her way out of the kitchen and out the co-op’s front door.

The moment Janae turned her key in the last lock, locking the door, Charity headed straight to Janae and Cornell’s bedroom. She knew Cornell’s schedule like the tats etched on her skin. She knew his first class wasn’t until the afternoon. Now would be the perfect time to tell him the rent deal they made a month ago was about to get switched up.

Charity walked into he and Janae’s bedroom then turned the knob to the bathroom. The door opened slowly. Cornell was standing with his back to the door drying himself with his towel, his ass in full view.

“Good Morning, handsome ,” she said, licking her lips.

“What the fuck?!” He yelled, covering himself.

“Oh please.” She swatted the air. “I’ve already seen everything you got.”

He wrapped the towel around himself, his jaw tight as he glared at her. “Get out.”

“I was just talking to your little girlfriend in the kitchen before she left,” Charity said, ignoring his order. “She still seems mad at me.”

Cornell scoffed while pushing past her stepping out of the bathroom.

“What do you see in her, anyway?” she asked following him.

He stood in front of his chest of drawers and pulled open one to get a pair of boxers.

“I mean she’s cute, real pretty… for a dark skin chick. Book smart, too. But I don’t get it”

Cornell whipped his head in her direction with his lip turned up, disgusted. He was stepping into his boxers when he told her, “that’s exactly why she’s real pretty. Melanated and intelligent, just how I love my woman to be.”

Charity sucked her teeth loud. “Whatever. I know it’s more than her looks and how smart she is, anyway. LIU is full of pretty smart girls. So, it must be the sex.”

Cornell shook his head, tossing his towel to the bed and turning back to face the drawers in search of clothes to wear.

“I can hear y’all, you know. It’s like every night y’all in here fucking. The two of you are loud, especially her. And these walls aren’t thin so I’m thinking she wants me to hear her.”

“What the fuck do you want Charity?” Cornell asked as he turned to face her, poking his head then his arms through his shirt. “We made our deal. You’ll get what you want tomorrow night in time to cover rent. So, what’s up?”

“I change my mind.”


“You heard me.”


Charity licked her lips and twirled her finger around one of her short curls. “Janae has a sexy moan, I’ll admit that. The way she be ooh’n and ahh’n in my damn ear… she makes it seem like y’all be having a whole lot of fun up in here.”

Cornell swallowed hard.

“She got me curious.”

They stared at each other for a moment. He was almost scared to ask her, “what does that mean?”

“I wanna watch y’all.”

“Watch what?!”

“Don’t play dumb. You know exactly what,” she said as she stepped closer to him. “I want to watch you two fuck and I want to see it live.”

His jaw dropped. He shook his head. “Hell nah! Janae will never agree to some shit like that.”

“She will. For you, she’ll take a long walk off a short bridge. All you ever have to do is bat those sexy green eyes at her and she’ll give you her last breath if you asked. She’s weak like that.”

He clenched his jaw and pointed. “You better watch your mouth and quit talking about her like that.”

She grinned. “So sensitive.”

Charity walked toward the bedroom door to walk out. “You got two days to make it happen. If not, you already know the alternative.”

“Couldn’t we just do what you said you originally wanted? We can do it right now. I got time.”

She spun around to face him. “Nope. No longer interested in that deal.”

“You can’t keep switching up like this!”

“Yes, I can, Nelly. And I’m doing it now. I wanna see what your girl is working with. I wanna see what’s got you so sprung on her. So,” Charity said, turning to walk out, closing the door behind herself, “make it happen.”

Cornell stared at the closed door for a moment before he dropped himself backwards onto he and Janae’s bed. His eyes stared up at the ceiling as if there were answers to his problems painted overhead.

“How the hell am I gonna pull this shit off?”

To be continued… Click To Read Part 3!


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