Incoming Call

Author’s Note: 

As always, I wanted to challenge myself and try something different, so vibe with me on this ? 

Although I’m always down for great dialogue (I think I’m pretty comfortable writing dialogue), I prefer writing descriptions in my stories. I find that descriptions anchor readers in a scene and makes them see what the writer sees, offering a damn good mind movie. 

It’s a preference and we as writers are all different. But I wanted to see if I could carry the fire of a  story with more dialogue than usual  so… I came up with this story concept inspired by artist Reese Royce’s drawing… I LOVE his work as I’m sure you’ve realized.

Anyway, in the dawn of FaceTime and Skype, I wanted to force my characters to use their words and their imaginations ?.

Wanna read about it??


Title: Incoming Call 

“Damn, I miss him,” I said to myself.

I always got like this… this time of year. On the day that would have been our nine-year anniversary, I laid in bed alone, reminiscing about him.

The “him” is my ex, Quincy, but I always called him Q.

Just the thought of him made my body crave his attention. I could remember the last day we said goodbye. He was set to leave for his first semester at Virginia Tech and canceled plans with his boys to spend his last night in Brooklyn with me.

He was my high school sweetheart. We were together since our freshman year and voted most likely to get married. I’d experienced everything for the first time with Q. He was my first kiss, my first love, my first in bed, and the first to make my body shake uncontrollably while making love.

Our last summer together was the best summer of my life. We did everything as a pair including scraping the bottoms of our piggy banks and booking a hotel in the city. Q and I enjoyed a staycation in the heart of Times Square. Our parents believed we were away in another state with close friends but we were right there. One borough away but it felt more like paradise. We took a lot of photos together when we were a couple, but this one, the one we took his last summer in New York at that hotel, I loved the most. It was silly and so random, making it even more sentimental.

That was five years ago.

Just thinking about that time made me reach for my cellphone to tap into my photo app. I’d changed phones at least four times since he took the photo of us and sent it to me, but I always made sure that pic ended up on every new phone I had activated. I looked at it often, our picture together. Even when I started new relationships with other guys, I always reminisced without guilt.

We were so young back then, Q and I. Goofy too. Q was my best friend, and it was nothing for me to be myself around him. He still had my heart, and I’d be with him right now if he hadn’t stayed out in VA after graduating. He got a good job over there as a computer programmer and I got a good job here in New York, after cosmetology school, styling hair for a local news network. We were doing well for ourselves but damn, I missed him.

A long distance love was out of the question. Neither one of us wanted the pressure, so we broke up soon after he started college. It was mutual, but I cried for days. He drove the eight hours back to New York just to do it in person and we both cried in each other’s arms. That night we broke up, was our last night sleeping together as a couple and it was bittersweet. I understood no one would touch me like him or make me smile like he did.

He was my heart.

My soulmate.

And let’s keep it real… you can’t break up with a soulmate.

We talked often though, after the breakup, every now and again. And tonight, I needed to hear his voice.

So, I called him.

“Yeah,” he said into the phone when he answered my phone call. It was only 10 p.m., but it sounded like I’d woke him up.

“Don’t tell me you’re sleeping,” I said.

He chuckled. “I had a long day at the office.”

I frowned. “Aight. So then I’ll let you sleep.”

“Nah, nah, nah,” he said clearing his throat. “For you… I’m up.”

I smiled from ear-to ear.

“What’s up, Mia? How you feelin’?”

“Lonely,” I replied.

“Pretty girl like you,” he rasped. “I can’t believe that.”

We were quiet for a moment, just listening to each other breathe.

He said low, “You’re not missing me again… are you?”




I’d done this several times before, sometimes pulling him away from company, often other women, just to steal a little of his time and attention. I always felt guilty. Continuing to hang on after this long was a little embarrassing. But the heart and soul wants what the heart and soul needs.

“You could always move out here to VA,” he suggested.

I snorted. “Boy, uh-uh. The money I’m making out here is good. You move back to New York.”

“Move back?” He laughed. “Rent is crazy high up there. Stuff like food and other basic essentials are expensive too for no reason. I’m good. VA is nice on my pockets.”

“Yup, cost of living in VA is low. But so is the pay,” I argued. “Unless I’m in a good paying profession, like a computer programmer, pay won’t keep me fitted in the finest. You know how I do.”

He laughed again. “Still hustling for the pretty things, huh?”

I giggled. “You know it.”

“Well, you know if you moved out here, I’d take real good care of you.”

And I was positive he would.

“Q, you know I like to earn my own. Take my seat at the table instead of waiting for someone to offer me one.”

“Hmph,” Q huffed. “Well, what can I do for you from here, baby girl?”

I was quiet, biting at my bottom lip. “Do you miss me?”

“Is that even a question?”

“I mean… I don’t know. It seems you got so many other women to occupy your time, so….”

“None of them compare to you. You know that, Mia. And there hasn’t been that many, so stop that.”

I sighed, rolling on my side, grabbing one of my blue crushed velvet throw pillows and wedging the cushion between my thighs.

“I was looking at that photo we took those years back at that hotel in Times Square.”

“Hmm… You’re talking about the one I took with you sitting on top of my shoulders in front of the mirror?”

“That’s the one.” I giggled.

“Wow! You still got that picture?”


“Damn.” He laughed. “Yeah, that was a dope week.”

I licked my lips as I recalled the nights we spent making love on the pure white hotel sheets. But only one of those nights stuck out the most.

“Remember our last night there?” I asked, moving the pillow from between my thighs then turning onto my back. I ran my finger tips from the center of my chest to my belly button.

He moaned. “Yeah, I remember that night vividly. That was the night–“

“You gave me back-to-back orgasms for the first time,” I said. “They felt like they could last for hours.”

“You had a brother feeling like Superman.”

I burst out laughing.

“Your body was so good that night,” he added.

“Yours was better.”

He was quiet for a moment before he asked me, “what are you wearing?”

I glanced down at my beauty school t-shirt that was two sizes too big and stopped just above my thighs.

“Nothing but a smile.”

He moaned into the phone. “Don’t lie to me.”

I snickered. “Okay then…just a t-shirt and panties.”

I heard him stir a little in bed as if he were trying to sit up. He said, “I’m gonna take care of you tonight, aight?” he said. “Just do what I say.”

The walls inside of me reacted to him saying that. I knew whatever he was about to do would drive me wild. Q always knew what I liked, so I gladly followed his lead.

“Take your panties off for me,” he ordered.

I did it swiftly. Placing my feet flat and lifting my ass high enough off my mattress to glide the thin fabric down over my hips and past my knees. I removed my legs one at a time.

“They’re off,” I told him.

“Good,” he whispered. “Now lay back, baby, and close your eyes.”

And so I did.

“Where are your hands?” he asked.

“One is holding up the phone, and the other is at my side, why?”

“Because mine is on my dick.”

I bit my bottom lip. “What’s it doing there?”

“I’m sliding it up and down your favorite seat.”

I released a heavy sigh as I imagined what that would look like. The visual was enticing. I’d never seen him do it in front of me so the picture in my mind was a total turn on.

“You got headphones or something?” Q asked. “Because I need your hands free right now.”

I reached for the headphones laying atop my nightstand and immediately plugged them into my phone then placed both earbuds into my ears.

“Okay they’re free.”

I lifted my right hand and placed it on top of my stomach, slowly sliding my fingers down between my legs. I teased myself at first, because that’s what he would do, until I glided the pad of my middle finger down my slit in search of my clit.

Heavy breaths escaped my lips and  brushed against my headphone’s microphone. He moaned at the sound.

“You got your fingers on that pussy, huh?”

“Mmm-hmm,” I moaned, starting the first of my sensual massages against my pink pearl.

“Good girl,” he whispered. “What’s that pussy feel like?”

“Soft… and wet.”

He grunted, and the sound made me more sensitive. The moans, groans, and grunts coming from Q always did it for me. There’s something sexy about hearing the man moan that always set me off. His refusal to hold back was everything.

“Are you hard right now?” I asked.

“Mmm, baby… harder than you know.”

I shut my eyelids tighter and moved my hips in time with my fingertip, moving in circles. 

“I wish I could taste you,” I whispered.

I used my fingertip to apply more pressure to the tip of my pink pill, drawing invisible lines on the surface. Moving even slower, adding another finger to the mix.

“How would you savor me?”

I licked my lips. “I’d take my time with you. Put you all in my mouth before sliding you out and sucking at the tip.”

“Mmm, damn.” He moaned. “You always gave the best head.”

I grinned knowing it was true.

My back arched the more sensitive my finger glides made me.

“I wish my tongue was between them thick thighs,” he said.

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. I’d have you climbing the walls. Lick that clit until you blacked out on me.”

“Boy what?!” I stopped and giggled. “I don’t know about blacking out, bae.”

“Aight, maybe not blackout. Bad choice of words,” he said with a sexy laugh. “Focus.”

“Okay,” I licked my lips as I continued.

“But I’d have that back up and off that bed, I know that much. Have your hands gripping the back of my head leaving prints of your fingertips there. That’s how much under my control I’d have you. Can you picture that?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“And how good is my tongue game on you, baby?”

“The best.”

“Slide those fingers a few inches lower and dip them in that honey.”

I did as he told me, slowly pushing one finger than two inside of me.

“Now move them in and out and imagine that’s me.”

I moaned loud into the phone.

“Curve your finger up for me just a little and move it back and forth so I can help you experience a little piece of heaven.”


“There you go, Mia.” He moaned in response to me.

His breaths were heavier as he listened to me please myself.

My other hand had the folds of my sheets in my grip.

“Now bring it back up slow to that beautiful clit and keep rubbin’ it for me.”

And I did. My walls spasmed and the familiar wave of pleasure cleared my mind.

I gasped.

“I’m coming,” I whispered.

“Me too, baby.” He moaned. “Fuck!”

Our moans were in sync, his voice in my ear mine in his. The uncontrollable pulsing of my walls and the trembling of my right leg lasted only two… maybe three seconds but those were the sexiest few seconds ever.

I laid there panting, forcing myself to take a breath.

We inhaled then exhaled together.

The sound of him breathing heavy vibrated through the earbuds and tickled my eardrum.

“Damn,” we said at the same time before laughing.

“I made a mess over here,” he said.

“I’m jealous your sheets got it,” I said back.

We were quiet again, still trying to catch our breaths when I told him, “I wish you were here.”

He said nothing at first.

“What you doing tomorrow?” he asked.

“Work,” I replied, smiling. “It is a Wednesday.”

“Call out.”

“Why would I do such a crazy thing?”

“Because I’m doing the same to fly up there to see you.”

My jaw dropped and I couldn’t keep my smile to myself. “For real?”

“Yeah, for real,” he said. “Can’t have you wasting your wishes on things I can’t make come true.”

It took a lot of control to keep from screaming from excitement. I was ready to take the rest of the week off.

“In fact,” Q said. “Take the rest of the week off.”

“You read my mind,” I said.

“What do you think about us getting a room at that hotel in Times Square again?”

I bit my bottom lip already anticipating his arrival and said, “I’m down. Let’s do that!


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