Curated Book Bundles & Character Inspired Jewelry Have Arrived!

Here’s the thing with my ideas – they are kind of limitless. When I character develop, I act as a vessel to the voice I’m allowing my characters to have and what I’ve learned is in doing this; they come to life on their own.

When I decided to self-publish in 2015, honestly, I didn’t think I would publish more than the title I released. I’d mastered the creative process but didn’t fully understand self-publishing and the discipline needed to produce and promote content. But when I took the time to familiarize myself with the process and the order of things, I decided I wanted to create a reading experience that was exciting.

Here enters a new launch of book bundles and jewelry via my online shop,!

I went back and forth with my plans to launch these new products, but I knew what the goal was and I promised myself I would deliver something at least worth looking twice at.

These book bundles are the perfect complement to my stories. They bring to life the storylines that helped you love (or hate 😬) a character and the merch is just gorgeous in person. I have curated these book bundles and jewelry pieces to fit the characters and the stories in which they appear. And this is just the beginning! I can’t wait to show you what awaits for future bundles and jewelry.

For now, click the link below to visit! As always, shipping is free.



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