#BookTrailer: Another Book Trailer For ‘My First, My Last’

I can’t believe my next book drops in one week! The number of times I’ve started and stopped this project during quarantine I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I stopped soooo many times. Between being pregnant, living on lockdown (which wasn’t a huge change for a homebody like me), and the war against black consciousness, I was too through in 2020, and writing was the last thing I wanted to do. 

But you know what? 

I know more than anything that out of all the chapters, chapter one in My First, My Last is one of the most solid because I must have read that chapter over fifty times when restarting this manuscript for the hundredth time lol.

Anyway, I’ve decided to pour into this project as much as I can because it is a project, I am proud of. 

Honest moment – if no one likes this book (you’re going to love this book), I’m at peace knowing I enjoyed writing it and developing these characters. But honest moment #2 – I know you’ll love it if you’re into friends-to-lovers novels. 

In the next coming days, you’ll meet them too. And hopefully you’ll love reading about them as much as I loved writing about them. 

In the spirit of pouring into My First, My Last and giving it the love, it deserves, here’s the second trailer.


My First, My Last will be available on June 25th.

Want to read a sample of chapter one? Click Here.

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