My First Book Release In 2021 Will Be Available In 1 Month!

I had to triple check to make sure my blog title was accurate 😂🙈. I can’t believe I’ve yet to release a book in 2021, but honestly, I’ve been spending a lot of time creating in other areas (e.g. mugs… have you seen them yet?). My first love will always be writing though. Penning friends-to-lovers stories to be exact, and I have a new one on the way!

My book is called My First, My Last, and it is the friends-to-lovers novella that became a novel. The characters Ayla and Hassani meet as teens who friend zone each other when deep down they see something more but are too young to trust their guts. It’s a story premise that came to me in a dream and that blossomed into so much more on its own.

You must read it, and you will get to read every page when it drops June 25th!

Read the synopsis below…


What if you found the love of your life at an age most believed was too young for you to know for sure?

Ayla Samuels and Hassani Franklin met at fourteen-years-old. They became fast friends and at a time in Ayla’s life when she needed a friend the most. The trust cultivated through their friendship influenced a decision that would alter their platonic relationship years later. That decision also becomes the catalyst behind a series of occurrences that push Ayla and Hassani to make choices out of fear instead of with hope.

Ayla Samuels has two loves – a love of math and photography. She didn’t think she had room to love anything or anyone else. Despite seeing her parents in love during her formative years, Ayla grew up viewing romantic love as a weakness. When she finds something special in her friend Hassani, she restricts the desires of her heart, believing if she gave into those feelings, she’d lose him or worse… herself.

Hassani Franklin, an academic track star, had always kept himself inundated in activities. His true loves were track and architecture, and girls of course. But when he meets Ayla Samuels, he feels something he never felt before with any other girl. And despite how hard he tries, his feelings for Ayla never subside years later. He suppresses those desires though at the insistence of someone he looks up to, believing that person is never wrong, especially in matters of the heart.

Hindsight is 20/20 and things are often clearer when we reflect on the past; a fact all too familiar to Ayla and Hassani. But will hindsight provide insight and move blocks unintentionally placed in Ayla and Hassani’s path by the people closest to them? Or will hindsight haunt a love destined but stunted, and that could have thrived if allowed to grow from the start?   

Available June 25th.


There is no preorder link at the moment but if one goes live, I will let you know!

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I’m hosting a “friends-to-lovers” eBook sale on Amazon in anticipation of My First, My Last’s release. It starts tomorrow, 5/26!

📌Please Note: Although Last Comes Love is a friends-to-lovers novel, it is a bittersweet love story. Please keep this in mind before reading 😘

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