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Patience is a virtue, and I’ve had to practice a lot of patience this year. For one, my next book release, My First, My Last, has been trying my patience because it’s such a great story, but I have to go through the journey of editing before I can present it to the world. I want to release it like yesterday. Every time I’m editing, I have to keep myself from reading it to the end because every scene is my favorite scene. We’ll talk more about that later.

One thing I can stop being patient about and that I get to present to you today is my Crowned Mug Series. Inspired by my novella, Ebb & Flow, these four mugs are a must for your mug collection. First, two of them are gold – enough said lol. The other two have artwork that speaks to the queen in us all. They look amazing in person and I’m not just saying that because I made them. I’m saying it because it’s true and I would know. I’m an avid mug collector. My mugs are everything to me and do more than just hold my coffee and tea. They make a statement; they add to my style. So I wanted to create mugs that would do the same.

Mug instructions ship with every mug so you’ll know how to maintain the beauty of the artwork through the life of your mug. And all mugs are sanitized before they are packed for shipping. There are limited quantities, so head over to to shop today.

Thank you and enjoy!


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