Need A Little Something To Read Between Books?

Happy February! It’s a new month and technically still a new year, and it is also time for me to let you know about my newsletter again 😏. For 2021, I’m taking things up a notch when it comes to my newsletter and I’d like you to take advantage of this. Plus, there are some free stories I think you’d want on your eReader.

Besides receiving free stories, as an Insider, you’ll also receive:

  • Early chapter previews of new stories before they are even released.
  • Exclusive discounts for books, mugs & more at
  • An opportunity to join my my ARC’s readers list

Joining is absolutely free and I’ll never send you spam or sell your email address to anyone. You’ll only receive what I’ve mentioned above.

If you’re interested, click here to be taken to the sign up form ❤

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