#LovelessNovella: Who Is Jeremiah Rhames?

Jeremiah Rhames. Does his name sound familiar? If you read my No Fraternizing series, it will. Jeremiah was the detective who interviewed Lila at the precinct when Romello was dragged in on charges in part 2 of the series. Jeremiah also appeared in part 3 of No Fraternizing, with a more significant role as the source to reveal Romello and Lila’s connected past. Just as he changed the course of the stories in part 2 and part 3, Jeremiah’s role in Loveless is just as significant.

He’s older than a majority of the characters I’ve created in books’ past, and his focus more fine-tuned. Jeremiah is grown, not because of his age but because of his mindset. He’s not here for any games. And because of that he comes packaged, ready, and not interested in wasting any more time in his life. Even though he’s focused, he’s still relatable and real in theory. As Joi points out in the story, he’s from the hood but isn’t hood. He’s a rare breed. He knows where he’s from and has no desire of detaching himself from his roots. Jeremiah is still a detective when we meet up with him again in Loveless. His analytical mind and innate desire to examine the details in everything draws him to Joi.

When I was thinking up a love interest for Joi to continue her story, I wanted the person to be her opposite but be a product of the same environment. Joi thought she knew what she wanted in a man before Jeremiah, but her criteria was and has always been flawed. Jeremiah is different for her, someone she doesn’t see coming. He doesn’t have the money she’s made her God, he’s principled which throws her off her game, disciplined which makes him difficult for her to control, and he’s community oriented a fact that makes him standout to her. Jeremiah is a humbled visionary who captures Joi’s heart, and he does it without a catch involved, and their journey is unique and memorable.

I guess the only flaw that would be considered the caveat of Jeremiah Rhames is that he has a slight superhero complex he isn’t aware he has until later in the story. He has an unconscious fixation with fixing things and leaving everything he touches better than he found it. He’s a serial problem solver and is attracted to people and things that could use some improvement, not because fixing these people and things makes him feel superior or offers him a false sense of accomplishment but because he’s just innately driven to sort through the puzzle that most problems present. He finds himself attracted to Joi because honestly, she’s a stunning wreck. Her personal affairs when they meet are twisted, and so are her views on men and life. And Jeremiah is just the one to step into her life and turn all of her beliefs right side up without judgement.

My “What to Expect” post (coming later this week) gives a bit more insight into the story that is Loveless. Can’t give everything away! But know this is a novella that is character driven with a plot that is layered.

Loveless will be available September 30th.

Have you met Joi Friday? Meet her here.

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