#TeaserTuesday: Loveless

As I type this… well, not as I literally type this 😏. But before I was typing this post, I was working on the final edits for Loveless. I like to put my manuscripts through the metaphorical fine-tooth comb, making sure to bring forth all the necessary details to create the mind movie the story deserves. Loveless is a mind movie. It takes its time to organize a story, so you don’t miss the breadth and purpose of each chapter. Joi will seem like she could walk off the page once you read her story. You probably know of a Joi and this story will help you understand her too. Since it’s Tuesday and I’m so excited for the release of the third continuation from my Forbidden series, here’s a teaser.

Honestly, this teaser doesn’t do this scene very much justice. This is one of those moments in Loveless that is a turning point for Joi. We got only a short snippet into Joi’s life from her story in Forbidden: An Anthology. We know that her obsession with security leads her to make a decision that had us shaking our heads at the end of “Decadent Contradictions.” This moment, though, shows her that there is more to life than what she believes is golden. It also helps make clear to her that her understanding of intimacy has very little to do with sex… although the sex, once this is understood, is definitely a plus.

It’s a refreshing feeling to be truly seen beyond what appears on the surface, and Joi will finally experience this when we meet up with her in Loveless. Man, I can’t wait for you to read this!

Have you seen the cover? See it here!

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