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Happy release day to me! This is book #25 and I am excited that it’s this one. A book from a series I worked my ass off on with stories that are well worth the read. So, please, don’t let me hold you up. Click the link below to start reading book two, LUST, in the Love Is Cure, Vo1. 1- Vices & Virtues Series. Enjoy.

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He’s a lustful ladies’ man, and she’s a compassionate charmer committed to chastity. They had a relationship their peers swore would last a lifetime… until it didn’t.

Pryce Williams

“I’ll admit it; I messed up. But I was young, dumb, and full of… you know the rest. The creator was too good to me when he brought Leelah Waters into my life my senior year in high school. Innocent with an open heart, she was way too good for the person I became the moment I started college. That was 16 years ago though, and I’ve wasted my time with enough women to know they don’t give me what she gives me and I’m convinced they never will. I’m more than ready for all the stuff they say love has to offer, and I want it only with Leelah. I’m so serious about earning her back, I’m prepared to make possibly the dumbest decision of my career to be with her. But is she willing to listen to my side and accept me back after I broke her heart?”

Leelah Waters

“I’ll admit it; I messed up. I was young, dumb, and fell for the guy with the looks and the popularity who told me he loved me but showed me he didn’t. I can’t believe I made the mistake of imagining my life with him at such a young age! As if a boy like Pryce Williams would live and love the family life when his career hadn’t even taken off yet. The women who were once teenaged girls have always flocked to him. They shot their shots. But I always believed Pryce and my bond was too damn real and way too strong for him to ever slip up. But he did, and we were over just like that. And I moved on, several times and with several men, eventually needing to force myself into chastity to save me from me. I’m better now… a little. And I’m over him. Then why after all this time does it feel like I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for Pryce to return to repair the heart he broke?”

Amongst the seven vices, lust is considered the least severe because this vice deals with the sin of the flesh and not of the spirit. In fact, lust is labeled as misplaced desire for deep affection. A desire in need of redirection. Can the virtuous one who is chaste cure a lustful heart with the one thing that heart desires the most, love?

*This book contains sexually explicit content. LUST is a standalone and book two in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. GREED is next…


P.s.s… Here’s the playlist.


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