The Visuals: LUST’s Storyboard…

The storyboard for LUST. This book was fun to work on. I enjoyed developing the characters and their journey back to love. LUST is a second chance love story between high school sweethearts, but this one is with a twist.

Like the first book in the Love Is Cure Series, PRIDE, in book two I pair the vice of lust with its virtue, chastity to see what becomes of the two.

Each story in the series is a play on the seven deadly sins, and I’ve been really enjoying creating these stories. They all serve a purpose and hold meaning while being entertaining and introducing you to characters who seem like they can walk off the page.

You can expect a spiced read from LUST. It’s a sexy book with steamy scenes that still incorporates love and gems as you move through the story. I peppered flashback scenes lightly throughout the earlier chapters of LUST but only to progress the story forward and to catch you up so that you understand the characters, their motives, and the decisions they eventually make. I’m not a huge fan of a lot of flashback scenes so trust me when I say the flashbacks are brief and to the point. I wouldn’t waste your time.

I published a Sample Sunday this past Sunday. Check it out to get a taste of what to expect from this read. And if you’re curious for more, check out an unedited version of chapter one that is available at the end of the first book in the series, PRIDE.

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