#SampleSunday: LUST

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted a sample Sunday. From the pages of LUST, here’s a sneak peek at my next release due out this month.

*This story is currently unpublished and is still being edited. Text may change before publication…

I traced the contours of his face with my eyes, falling even deeper into his trance.

“If I haven’t made this clear to you yet, La, allow me to make it real obvious now – I. Want. You. Not only physically but we can definitely get physical tonight with your permission of course.”

He laid his hands against my hips, and it took everything in me to remain on my feet. Pryce slid those multi-million dollar hands up slow, mapping the curve of my hips with his fingertips, smoothing up my waist and stopping at the globe of my breasts.

I tossed my head back, trying my best to remember to breathe, wanting to be disciplined enough to push him off, but knowing that would not happen. Not tonight, and not after getting this close again. I feared the feeling he provided, the zing to my core, would go away if I did.

Why does such a bad idea feel so damn good?

He cupped my breasts in his hands, running his thumbs over my erect nipples visible through my top.

I glanced up to find his bottom lip tucked in his mouth, his lids low over his pupils. He stared at me through the slits of his eyes, a stare I never had the power to resist.


“The only words I want to hear from you after my name is where your room is and how fast or slow you want me to pace my strokes.”

I cocked a brow and he challenged me by cocking his too.

“You’re well aware I’m abstaining from sex,” I reminded. “And as we discussed, you’ll have to, too—”

“Can we not tonight, though?” Pryce leaned in close, pressing his body to mine. He bent his long legs at the knees to align his mouth with the maze of my ear when he asked, “Can you be a little bad with me, La? Can we bend your rule tonight? ‘Cause I have plans to reintroduce myself to you. Body to body.” He sucked the lobe of my ear into his warm mouth, and my knees buckled. Pryce caught the weight of me in his hands and held me up against the counter.

“Or do you want me to stop?” he whispered next.

Damn this man.

“If you want me to stop…” He gripped my jaw with his free hand to level my lips with his mouth. “… you can tell me to stop and I’ll pause everything, without question.”

It was like it happened in slow motion. The lowering of his breath to mine and that initial brush of his lips. A moan escaped from me, and he moaned in response.

And that was my undoing.

“No,” I panted in his mouth. “Don’t stop.”

Pryce crushed his lips against mine, and I exhaled a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding.


Coming real soon 😉

P.S… Did you know the first chapter of LUST is at the end of the first book in the Love is Cure series, PRIDE? LUST’s first chapter has been edited quite a bit since it’s inclusion in PRIDE but the bones of that chapter is still the same. Check it out when you download PRIDE. And if you haven’t read it yet, read a preview below…

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