#SampleSunday: Meant To Be

In just five days, my next release Meant To Be will be available for download! This novella is a friends-to-lovers meets love after loss story that will warm your heart and alter your perspective on a few things. This isn’t one of my stories with twists and turns but it will keep you engaged and rooting for August and Genesis all the same.

Since the story has not been published yet, it is still subject to edits…

I moved my eyes along his face, doing my best to read him. Although I’d posed this question more times than I could remember, I needed to understand why he was asking and where the question came from.


“You ask what are we doing all the time.” He approached, pulling the chair out beside me and taking a seat. “And I always say I don’t know. For the most part, I don’t care to know. But I’d be a fool not to admit that things are changing between us.”

I shook my head. “Things can’t change between us.”

He scoffed. “Things have changed,Genesis. We’ve been having sex practically every night.”

I leaned back in my seat to add space between us.

“We can’t be intimate like that for things to just remain the same.”


“And it’s also obvious that we are more than that.”

“We can only be friends, August,” I retorted. “That’s it. We could never be more than that.”

“And why not?”

I shut my eyes and bit my lips closed.

He jumped up and out of his seat. “Answer me.”

“You know why, August.”

He questioned me by throwing his arms in the air.

“This… we would look so bad. The things people will say about this, about us—”

“People?” He crouched down to level our eyes. “Have I ever appeared to be the type of man to give a shit what people have to say about my life?”


“Obviously you give too many fucks about other people’s opinions about how you live yours.”

I tried to grab him by the hand but he shook my hand loose.

“I mean…” August ran his hand down his thick lips. “If we could never be more than that, then you shouldn’t have caught feelings when Charmaine tried to make a place for herself.”

I clenched my jaw so tight I thought I’d shatter my molars.

Returning to the kitchen to see Charmaine at a thirsty distance from August rubbed me raw. I tried to mask the shock, the slight hurt. Did my best to remove the jealous vibe that buzzed off me at the sight of them standing together, but it was impossible.

Why was it impossible?

“Right or wrong?” August challenged.

“August,” I stood from my seat and took steps toward him.

“What are we doing?” he asked again.

I exhaled sharply.

What are we doing, Genesis?”

“I don’t know!” I yelled. “I don’t… know.”

August balled his lips, his chest heaving, eyes locked with mine. I parted my lips to say something, anything, but he stopped me when he crossed the kitchen in two steps, pulling me into him by my forearms. The move happened so quick, my words got caught in my throat.

August backed me against his kitchen’s wall right next to his glass table.

“The things I do to you and that you do to me are far from friendly and you know that.” His hands smoothed down to my waist. “I don’t touch my friends like this.”

“August,” I whispered.

“I know damn well I’m not the only one who has noticed these new feelings between us and it ain’t just sex. But that special thing is what makes the sex great between us.”

He crashed his lips against mine, palming my ass with his right hand, gently, but with undeniable strength. I melted in his grip like I always did, a wave of heat rolling up my body.

“And that special thing? It makes me want you every night, and every morning.” He grabbed my bottom lip with his mouth, dragging his teeth over the skin until he released his hold to continue. “Every afternoon and every evening.”

“August,” I whispered, pleading this time.

“And when you say my name like that,” he whispered back. “I want you in every imaginable way. Even when I’m already inside you.”

I pressed my hands to the sides of his face and gave him my mouth. His tongue slid past my lips, and he groaned the instant our tongues met.

August leaned his body so close to me his breaths became mine. He held my body tighter than he’s ever held me before. Through the passion that was hot enough to fog his townhouse’s windows, things became crystal clear; August had no plans of stopping this thing between us.

Not unless I made him.


Meant To Be will be released Friday, April 24th. Pre-order is available >>HERE<<

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