#MeantToBeNovella: Meet Genesis

So you’ve met August Hall, right? If you’ve yet to meet him, you should! Now, though, it’s Genesis’s turn. As I mentioned, we didn’t get much of a chance to learn a lot about Genesis and August in “Karma Coated” from Forbidden: An Anthology. It was a quick story, so I designed a story that gave you just enough to move the sequence of events along. With their continued story in Meant To Be, we get to know these two in a more intimate way and fall in love with unique aspects of their characters… I know I did.

Genesis is many things, but at the top of the list…

She’s Loyal

Genesis’s loyalty can get a little frustrating throughout Meant To Be. I love her, but it’s true. And it’s this loyalty that clouds her judgement and makes her unintentionally stall something meant to happen. When she loves, she loves hard and it can take a lot to get Genesis to turn her back on the people she’s taken an oath to be loyal to whether with her words or by her own doing.

She’s Honest

Whether or not you want to hear it, Genesis will let you hear it. But she isn’t aggressive or in your face about it. This woman has a gentle heart and wields an even gentler hand even when she’s being brutally honest. Now she can tell a fib, she’s capable of stretching the truth or lying by omission, but she’s by nature an honest person and maintains this throughout the novella.

She’s A Good Friend

This plays into Genesis’s loyalty. She has this belief that her friends are like her family but a family she’s chosen. She believes she’s responsible for choosing the people she allows in her life, therefore her friends reflect her. This is one catalyst in the story, one block she finds difficult to get past. It’s an interesting journey but Genesis maintains her love of friendship despite being betrayed by a friend she loved with her whole heart.

She’s Open-minded

If something is weird, she’ll probably say it’s weird, but she’ll try it, anyway. Genesis will try it at least once, sometimes even twice, before sharing her thoughts. This open-mindedness led to the story you will read on April 24th in regards to her finding her version of happy and peace. In fact, we got a taste of this characteristic in “Karma Coated” with her hesitantly tasting August’s vegan creation despite being a lover of meat. Genesis is a creative, so already she’s opened to just about anything new, if for anything to experience it at least once. Personally, this is something I admire in Genesis. While the world sees things in black and white, she’ll see shades of gray.

She’s Supportive

To have Genesis as a friend is to have an asset and not a liability. She throws her full support behind her friends in everything they do. Although she doesn’t agree with her friends’ decisions all the time, she’ll support them because she knows it will make them happy. Genesis isn’t competitive, she believes in cooperative efforts. She doesn’t wish to be the most successful of her friends, she wants everyone sitting at her table to have plates a plenty.

And there you have it, a peek into the character that is Genesis Garner. It’s very difficult not to adore Genesis. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and has no problem communicating this, which in turn makes for a very interesting read. You can catch up with Genesis and August, Friday, April 24th when their story continues. Pre-order is available. Click the link below to reserve your copy so the book downloads on your kindle at midnight on April 24th.


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