#MeantToBeNovella: Meet August Hall

If you read Forbidden: An Anthology, you’ll remember being introduced to August Hall through the second story in the anthology, “Karma Coated.” This story was the more emotional read out of the five and followed friends Genesis and August who both lost their spouses and their best friends – August was friends with Genesis’s husband and Genesis was friends with August’s wife. As the story unfolded, we learned of the shocking discovery August and Genesis happened upon when they learned of the death of their spouses and… well, if you read it you know and if you haven’t, you must!

August in the brief span of the story embodied a lot of loveable characteristics and I bring those characteristics even more to life in the continued story of “Karma Coated,” Meant To Be. So, who is August Hall? Well, for one…

He’s Passionate

“Karma Coated” was short, so we didn’t get the full scope of just how passionate our guy August was but this man buzzes passion. Without even trying, the amount of passion captured between August and Genesis in Meant To Be overflows. These two characters can’t seem to be on the same page with each other and not act like erotic magnets. Not a thing, but if it were, they would be that. We dive more into the reason behind this in Meant To Be, so I won’t give too much away but let’s just say, August delivers comforts in ways Genesis can’t get from her therapist.

He’s Sincere

Another thing loveable about August is his honest heart. He’s not afraid at all to express how he is feeling when he’s feeling it in Meant To Be. This isn’t a man about games. He tells it how it is. Even when he’s aware that whatever it is that needs to be said will not be accepted, he delivers all of it with a sincere heart. There are moments in Meant To Be where August will have to make a choice regarding how deep and invested he’s willing to be in the evolving relationship he has with Genesis, but he never makes his choices selfishly or without keeping Genesis’s feelings in mind.

He’s Still Open to Love

Now, we can all agree that August’s situation is slightly more difficult than Genesis’s. Not to compare (even though I’m about to do it), but Jazmine, August’s wife, died in the accident that put August’s best friend in the hospital for months. That gave August no opportunity to say goodbye. The same night he learned of her death, he learned some other heartbreaking news. Heartbreaking enough to leave him jaded. But he doesn’t let any of that jade him in Meant To Be. There are moments of contemplation for sure but his heart is still in tuned with love, still offering affection and care for others, especially Genesis. He leans into that vibe with the goal of vibrating at the same frequency of love. Despite everything, he maintains an open heart. There’s this one scene in the book that will prove just why August is a top 10 book bae.

He’s Patient

If there is one thing you’ll love about August’s character in Meant To Be and that you will take away with you when the story ends is that Mr. Hall is a patient man. And his patience is sexy. He’s not a stranger to waiting, and he does it with grace and integrity without complaining about it…. well, maybe he complains just a little, but it’s justified. He understands that most times, patience really is a virtue and those who are brave enough to embody patience are rewarded accordingly.  

He’s A Great Cook

Last but of course, not least. In “Karma Coated” and Meant To Be, August makes his living as a traveling chef. But not just any traveling chef, a vegan chef who specializes in alkaline cuisine. It’s such a specific and under utilized specialty that the meals he creates shocks those who sample them, which has earned him a palpable following and a client list a mile long. August’s alkaline dishes has garnered media favor and all the attention he’s attracted has done little to alter his humble nature. Who could resist a man who not only loves to cook but who loves providing wealth through health with meals that taste better than we believe vegan meals should taste?

There’s so much more to love about August Hall and you’ll see what I mean when his story drops April 24th.


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