Meant To Be, Coming April 2020!

Can I drop another pre-order on the blog? In 2018, I spent a lot of time outlining and making plans for my books. In 2019, I spent even more time writing the books I outlined the year before. Now in 2020, I’ve got those books ready for you to read! Meant To Be is book 3 of The Forbidden series – a series of continued stories that first appeared in my Forbidden Anthology. Meant To Be follows Genesis and August after testing the bonds of their friendship and surviving their heartbreaking losses.

This story is a mix of sexy and emotional, borderline tortured love. It’s an interesting mix considering the theme of this story. “Karma Coated,” Genesis and August story that appeared in the anthology, was the only emotional story in the bunch. While it still dealt with lust, a common theme in the anthology, it was more of a sincere read, one that tugged on heartstrings. Their story in Meant To Be will tug even harder.

This book will deal with themes of grief and death. Meant To Be isn’t a bittersweet read like Last Comes Love. But this is an emotional read that will show August and Genesis in rare form. This is a read you’ll want to return to often.

Check out the synopsis below. Meant To Be is available for pre-order now!


“What are we doing, Gigi?”

“Surviving. We’re surviving, August.”

Life dealt Genesis Garner and August Hall two crushing blows in the same night – the death of their spouses and their spouses’ affair with each other.

Blindsided by the news and forced to deal with their new realities, August and Genesis find refuge in one another while uncovering a truth they never saw coming. A truth written in the stars and meant to be.

Available April 24th! Click Here to pre-order your copy.

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