#SampleSunday: PRIDE

Are you ready to meet Summer & Jayce? This story has many layers, one of which being Summer & Jayce’s enemies/lovers vibe. Here’s a snippet from one of the earlier scenes in the book.

*This story is still unedited and unpublished, so text are subject to change.

“Summer,” I heard behind me.

When I turned toward the voice, I saw Jayce swaggering my way. “What do you want?”

He smiled that dreamy smile of his. “Can we put this cat and dog vibe we got going on here to rest and play nice for the next two months?”

“What for?” I slid my bag off one arm and onto the other as I leaned to the side to press the elevator’s call button. “I’m not here to make friends. We’re competing for a position. Even though you’re really no competition.”

“I’m not?”

“Of course you’re not. Look, I don’t understand how you got here but you have to know you don’t belong.”

“Damn, Summer. I’m crushed.” He wore a smile the whole time. To add insult to injury, he pressed his hand to his chest, faking offense. “Why would you say such a thing like that to me?”

I grunted. “How did you graduate summa cum laude, Jayce? Huh? How? How are you here competing for an internship that only accepts eight people out of thousands of applicants?” I stomped my foot and sneered through my teeth, “Tell me how and right now!”

He chuckled, and that only ticked me off more.

“Jayce, I busted my ass for four years, including enrolling in summer school just to graduate on time. I had the under eye bags that I needed to cover with layers and layers of concealer to show for my sacrifice. You?” I groaned, really wanting to scream. “You dribbled a ball up and down a gym and stomped the yard with your dogs. You being here with me just doesn’t make sense.” I gasped and pointed his way when a thought occurred to me. “That’s it, isn’t it? Your fraternity. It has to be! I know you guys hook each other up like that,” I said with finger quotes. 

Jayce responded with nothing. He just folded his bottom lip into his mouth and bit down on it.

I shifted my eyes away and exhaled in defeat.

“I’ll be happy to share all of that with you at the welcome dinner…” He moved in closer. “… or privately if you want to know sooner.”

The elevator doors slid opened behind me just in time and I sighed with relief .

Once inside I told him, “If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time giving it my all here. Don’t even bother getting comfortable because you probably won’t be here long.”

He stepped one foot in the car, obstructing the doors from closing.

“Because the job is mine,” I added.

“How you figured that?”

“My mother put in a good word for me,” I revealed, lifting my chin with an air of arrogance. “All I have to do is show up, and the job is mine. So…” I approached him and pressed my hand against his chest to push him back and off the car so the elevator doors would close. But when I did, he didn’t budge. He arrested me with his gaze and smelled divine doing it. The hard muscle of his pec felt so good against my fingertips. I slid my fingers down his chest slow before snatching my hand off him once I realized what I was doing.

“You have fun jumping through hoops, Jayce.”

My words, that should have dripped with unapologetic sass, left my lips as a needy purr. In that moment, I was like a cat in heat. 

He licked his lips menacingly slow, his eyes never leaving mine.

I parted my lips to take a breath through them. 

The elevator’s sensor blared, signaling the doors would close without stopping and I jumped back while he finally removed his foot. Our stares never wavered until the doors closed between us.


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PRIDE will be available for download March 20th.

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