PRIDE Is Available Now For Pre-Order!

My first release for 2020, PRIDE, is available now for pre-order. PRIDE serves as the first book in my new series, Love Is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues. All of the books in this series are standalones and can be read in whatever order you want. But if you’re reading them in the order they are released that’s fine too, even better actually! All of the stories are linked in some way with characters from my Forbidden series making an appearance in this series too.

This volume of Love Is Cure is a play on the seven deadly sins, with a twist. I play matchmaker with the vices and their opposites, virtues, and help them fall in love and other ish. And what results is a dope ass read! Check out the synopsis below and click the link to reserve your copy.


She’s a prideful pampered princess, and he’s a handsome humbled humanitarian. Separately, they had their plans and falling in love wasn’t one of them.

Summer McKoy

“I had it all figured out. Well, my mother did, and that was fine because she’s been that way with me since birth. My plan was simple – secure the only position available after completing my summer internship, accepting a job reserved for me. All I had to do was show up. How hard could that be, right? I’m focused enough, I’m bright enough, hell… I have the assuredness of one trillion beauty queens and a smile that would blind the sun. With men, I was just as sure. I knew the prototype of man I was born to end up with. Knew everything about him down to the social class his family needed to be in because hierarchy matters to me. And Jayce Martin? He didn’t have the clout to check off a single box on my ideal partner list. Jayce shouldn’t even hold a pencil anywhere near my list! Then why on earth is it a challenge keeping my mind off this guy… or my heart from wanting to love him?”

Jayce Martin

“My family has always been my priority. Every move I ever executed, every choice I ever made, my intentions have always been to put them in a better position. So, my plan was simple – secure a property for my mother and my younger twin siblings by landing a coveted position at one of the top law firms in the country with a focus on pocketing their sign-on bonus. I planned to intern there after graduation. This was a chance of a lifetime! People always said I was smart, but opportunities like this one bypassed guys like me often. I mean… the fact they selected me out of a pool of thousands of applicants was my life’s plot twist. But here I am, my mind sharpened, my goals clear, and the job mine if I prove that I’m worthy. Then why is it difficult to keep my head in the game and my mind off this girl named Summer McKoy?”

Believed to be the gateway through where all sins enter the mortal soul, pride wears the crown as the sin that gives rise to all other sins. If the vices were a tree, pride would be the root.

What will happen when pride, the sin of which all sins come from, falls in love with its opposite, a virtue, humility?

PRIDE will be available March 20th!

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