#TeaserTuesday: PRIDE

When I first announced my plans to work on a seven book series last summer, the task seemed like something I would first love and then eventually hate. The workload, the research, everything just seemed like work before I actually started. But once I completed the outlines for all of the stories, did more research, and wrote the first chapter of this book, I was ecstatic! With three books completed in the series and a fourth in progress, I can say that I LOVE this series with my whole heart. And to start everything off, is Book One from the Love Is Cure series, PRIDE!

You’ll know how you feel about Summer McKoy in the first few pages. It’ll be similar to a love/hate relationship, because she has characteristics that will be appealing and aggravating at the same time. But sis’s growth is amazing and a dope journey to take in this book.

Jayce Martin will be loved from his first chapter. His character is one that is undeniably loveable. He is bae. I wish I could say more but this is one of those scenarios where you’ll have to see (or read) for yourself.

I have a Sample Sunday coming soon! I’m so excited to finally release these books. It’s been a couple of years in the making, a time where I needed to trust the wait and the wait will be worth it. They say patience is a virtue… because it is 😉.

To read more about what the Love Is Cure series will be all about check out THIS post! For what to expect from PRIDE, read THIS.

PRIDE’s release date is coming real soon!

Have you watched the trailer?


  1. Vette February 4, 2020

    Can we pre order?

    • bkmosley February 4, 2020

      Yes! I’ll have the pre-order link available by this Friday ♥️


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