#NewRelease: Ebb & Flow Is Available Now On Amazon!

It’s here! my final release of 2019, Ebb & Flow, is now available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited. This story is the first of its kind – a continuation to a subscriber-only short story, available to all to read. Honestly, these characters were truly worth that continuation. Nubia and Naazir’s story is a story, like I’ve said, that strips away the optics of love and forgiveness, baring its bones. You’ll feel what they feel, go through the motions of their decisions, and truly feel invested in their love. Quite simply, you’re in for an experience 😉. Click the link below to download your copy! Thanks for your support in advance 😘…



Nubia Merci and Naazir Goodman were never supposed to be a couple… at least that’s what the people close to them believed…

Despite the odds, somehow, they’ve formed an enviable courtship. But while they are working diligently to nurture and cultivate their love, those same people in their lives are working even harder to tear them apart. 

Nubia, an interior decorator, is without a doubt in love. She’s a creative, able to imagine an abundance of possibilities, creating magic with spaces that seem impossible to work with. As imaginative as she is though, never did she imagine falling for a man like Naazir. And now that she has fallen, she has no intentions of letting him go. A series of events will challenge her plans when she’s dealt the “mother of all ebbs.” Will those events force her to abandon ship?

Naazir, a street muralist, is used to things not going his way. Life for him has never been easy, leaving him no choice but to hustle harder than the average brother especially in matters of the heart. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to win the affections of a woman who has revealed to him the bared bones of intimacy. And he has dedicated his heart to earning Nubia’s faith in them as a couple. Will a decision Naazir makes, as innocent as he originally thought it to be, ruin everything he’s worked so hard to build with the love of his life?

Products of two different environments, Naazir and Nubia have cemented a bond that is ironclad strong. But is their bond strong enough to anchor them so they can survive the brewing storm that’s approaching?


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