#NewRelease: Home For Christmas, Available Now On Amazon!

In the middle of planning Ebb & Flow’s book release, I was hit with a story idea birthed from just a name mentioned in my previous release, Last Comes Love. A simple curiosity about what that character’s home life would be like morphed into a story idea I had to outline a few weeks before Thanksgiving. I just went with the idea and the motions of developing the story and what resulted from that flash of inspiration was a beautiful story I’m sure you’ll love. Meet Eva and Jaleel in my short holiday story, Home for Christmas! Check out the synopsis below…


“Dear Santa…”

Jaleel and Eva Gordon haven’t lived in the same house since the summer, and this Christmas, their son’s very short Christmas wish list will change all that.

As a former college phenom turned Bronx Ballers’ shooting guard, Jaleel Gordon hasn’t reached his level of success doing the bare minimum for his struggling team. He’s been grinding and grinding hard. But success doesn’t come easily or without its share of sacrifices. For Jaleel, his biggest sacrifice was his relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife Eva. 

Business owner, Eva Gordon is so through with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jaleel. She’s no stranger to hard work but even she knows when to work hard and to play harder. After patiently waiting for her husband to tap into that philosophy she’s given up on him altogether. Which is why six months ago, after yet another explosive argument with Jaleel, Eva demanded a divorce… even though her heart is taking a bit longer to catch up to her demand.

This Christmas, Eva and Jaleel’s son isn’t asking Santa for a new bike or video game. On the contrary, what baby boy wants won’t be able to fit underneath the tree at all. His one and only wish this Christmas is to spend the holiday with his separated parents… under one roof. So, Jaleel is coming home for Christmas… but can Eva and Jaleel put aside their differences to make it through the holiday intact and in one piece?


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