#CoverReveal: Ebb & Flow, Coming Winter 2019

This story! If you are a BK Insider, you’ve already met the characters. Naazir and Nubia first appeared in my exclusive BK Insider short story, An Unexpected Love. They were a new couple, one who met out on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. The attraction was instant, although our girl Nubia tried to fight the fact that she was attracted to someone who was her total opposite. But they put their opposites aside to find the one similarity that becomes the foundation of their bond, love.

Well here we are, 2-years later (1-year later for them), where we’ll pick up with them as a couple. A couple working hard to keep their relationship solid and together while the people closest to them work harder to pull them apart.

Ebb & Flow is mentioned in the law of rhythm – a universal law. E & F is a rhythmic pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth. It’s often related to the rise and fall of the ocean tides. Many believe (myself included 😌) that in relationships, we experience ebbs and flows – periods of a lot of passion (high tide) and then periods of less than passionate moments (low tide) but the passion always returns, in most instances. In Nubia and Naazir’s case, circumstances will test their relationship, ebbs… big ebbs, that they have to work through to influence flow. The tests they experience will challenge your perception of the things you believe you could and could never forgive.

Ebb & Flow drops Winter 2019 right before the year ends. It’s a novella you can come down from the holidays with before preparing for the New Year.

You don’t have to read Nubia and Naazir’s short story, An Unexpected Love, but it serves as an excellent complement if you do. Reading both stories will bring their relationship full circle as you will have watched it grow from inception.

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