What I’m Working On – Book 4 From My Forbidden Series, Loveless

On the heels of a recent release (Last Comes Love) – well, a few days before the book came out actually – I started work on a new book! It’s called Loveless, and it’s book four from my Forbidden series. If you aren’t familiar with the series, it’s a series of continuations from my Forbidden Anthology. So far, I have released the first continuation, Indecent Arrangement (that picks up where the first story in the anthology, Tasteful Taboo, leaves off), I’ve completed the continuation for Karma Coated titled Meant To Be, and I’m now working on the continuation of Decadent Contradictions titled Loveless.


*Takes a breath*

It seems like a lot, but when you love creating stories the way I do, this roster is more like a wonderland than anything else.

So with Loveless, we’re picking up where we left off at with Joi Friday but a year later. If you read Joi’s story in Forbidden, you’ll remember she was impossible! She’d taken up “seeing” a married man just so she could get her bills paid. This gets challenged in Loveless and what results is some epic growth and a love that impacts.

Here enters Jeremiah Rhames.

If you’ve read my No Fraternizing series, you’ll remember that Jeremiah was the detective who delivered crushing news to the main character Lila Moore. His role in that story was super minor, but when I was thinking of a character that would challenge my girl Joi’s way of thinking, his name popped up and with flying colors.

He’s older than Joi which means his experience is more refined than hers too. Jeremiah is a stable character with wise ways and Joi needs wise more than ever right now. What I love most about Jeremiah is that he’s grown and does grown things. He’s lived life and has matured because of it so he doesn’t play games and views them as something for kids to dabble in. He’s got a mentor quality about him but knows exactly how to turn on the charm and seduction when necessary.

As of this writing, I’ve completed six chapters and the story is flowing well. My pace is tamer for this book since there are so many other books up the chain that need my attention and require editing before they are released. But like all my other books, I’m enjoying the process through and through and can’t wait for you to read it!

Have you read my Forbidden Anthology? Check out a preview of it below!

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