#SampleSunday, pt. 2: Last Comes Love

Here’s another sample from my upcoming book release, Last Comes Love. I have a “What to Expect” post coming soon that is hella detailed. For now, check out this sneak peek…

*This manuscript is still in the editing stage so text is subject to change.


He was in the shower, something she noticed the moment she stepped into the room. The sound of water falling from the shower head, sloshing to the tub’s floor, and circling the drain, was easy to hear through the bathroom’s slightly ajar door. Both Lennox and Rylee had bathrooms in their bedrooms which made for an easier living habit. It also kept one another from running into each other naked.

Rylee placed Lennox’s clothes on his bed and was turning to leave when she glimpsed his figure in the tub.

When Rylee first moved her stuff into the brownstone and began decorating her bathroom, the first thing she ordered was a shower curtain.

A lover of black art, she found a seller online who created custom hand-painted shower curtains. Photo’d on hers were three black women who wore their hair in three distinct natural styles.

Lennox preferred his stand-in shower curtain-less. He was fine with just the shower’s frosted doors. The sliding doors were somewhat opaque, but not enough to hide his chocolate brown figure Rylee recognized from a distance.

She bit her lip at the sight of him. Tall, medium-built. Rylee’s 20/20 vision offered her a clear view from where she stood of his bulging bicep in action and it looked even more enticing dripping and glazed with water.

“Turn and leave Rylee,” she whispered to herself. “Girl, just go.”

See? Rylee knew she needed to leave his room. The only reason she was in there to begin with was to drop-off his clothes but her body in that moment encouraged her dismissal of logical thinking.

She tiptoed over the cherry hardwood floors then pressed her back to the wall beside the door of the bathroom. Moving in slightly, she peeked through the gap of his bathroom’s door to see him.

From her view, she spotted Lennox with his left hand flat against the shower wall in front of him and his right hand sliding up and down something long below his waist.

Curious, she pushed the door just a little wider to get a better look.

Her eyes widened when she realized what he was doing. Accompanied by that realization were his deep groans, audible behind his shower’s sliding doors. Her eyes zoomed in on his right hand and she inhaled a trembling breath through her slacked jaw as she settled into watching Lennox jerk off in the tub.



Oooh, Rylee! 👀 Girl, you’re not supposed to be watching Lennox do that! I thought y’all were platonic, platonic 😂. What’s going on here?! 😏


Last Comes Love drops October 4th! Read another sample HERE and read the synopsis HERE!

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