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This year so far has been a year of growth that has been immeasurable. I’ve dared myself to move more toward challenges instead of moving away from them, poured more of my energy into creative writing, and I’ve spent less time freelance copywriting which was originally a scary idea. I honestly never saw anything past publishing my first story, No Fraternizing, Pt. 1, and it only became a part 1 when I decided to continue to give this self-publishing thing a real try. And I’m glad I did because here I am today, invested and inspired to keep going.

My purpose has changed a little in my writing. I originally started with wanting to entertain, and my focus is still the same, but now with a twist. My goal was to create stories readers could get lost with and take a break from adulting to indulge in. Now, I want to make you think, to really live vicariously through my characters. So they’re going to get realer and the scenarios they find themselves in even more authentic. Pair that with an increased focus on love and intimacy and you’ve got what I plan to bring to the literary table.

I look forward to where this journey takes me next bc it’s been a ride ever since I allowed myself to walk in faith and run after my wildest dreams as if I were on fire.

The creative direction in my writing has a little more focus these days and I’m fearlessly going there. The sizzle will still remain (the sizzle will forever be there) and so will my “fly-on-the-wall” effect I implement in my stories, but there will be more ”slice of life” scenarios which means a few more “happily ever after for nows.” And if they do get a “happily ever after” (because I don’t take pleasure in driving my characters mad) they will have the strength of their love tested.

These days, knowing that I’ve given it my best makes me secure in my art. How it’s received and critiqued is no longer a fear or concern of mine and that shit, honestly, is so freeing!

I put my heart into everything I write and what I have planned moving forward will show that.

The journey continues…

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