Last Comes Love, Coming Fall 2019

One of my final book releases for 2019 is coming this fall!

Last Comes Love is a bittersweet friends-to-lovers love story that will rock your world in ways you probably never imagined. Rylee and Lennox are best friends who go from strictly platonic to a very sexy gray area… with a twist of course. The theme in this story is time.

I’m thinking about publishing a short preview for Sample Sunday next Sunday, 8/18, so be sure to check back then! Or you could, you know, subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post when it goes live *hint, hint.*

Besides enemies-to-lovers, friends turned lovers stories are what I favor the most to read and write.

One of my favorite friends turned lovers stories I’ve written is Girl Code. Have you read it? If not, check out the preview below!

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