Bookversaries! They Call Me Mello, No Fraternizing, Pt. 2 & Love, Hate & Revenge, Pt. 3

It seems I got a lot of love for August 1st lol. I have three books to celebrate bookversaries! When I was working on my calendar last month and realized that I released not one but three books on the same date just years apart, I had to laugh. They Call Me Mello’s release was intentional. I liked the mirror effect of the dates 8/1/18. But NF2 and NF3 were purely coincidental… or was it? I find it cosmic that NF2, the book where Mello first makes an appearance was released on 8/1 like his book. I didn’t even plan that. Anyway, Happy Birthday book babies! They grow so fast! Have you read any of them?

They Call Me Mello turns 1-year-old today! Mello was not even supposed to be a standout character. At least that wasn’t the plan. But after writing him into No Fraternizing, Pt. 2 I realized he would be in my mind for a while. This is an urban romance and has some mild violence but is such a sweet, dope story. His love interest, Rayelle, is one of my favorite characters!

Want a sneak peek? Read it here>> SNEAK PEEK OF THEY CALL ME MELLO

No Fraternizing, Pt. 2 turns 3-years-old today! Part 2 was my official return to self-publishing. I took a year off after releasing part 1 and realized I had no idea what I was doing! I thought Amazon promoted for you *face palm.* Anyway, during the year off, I did a lot of writing and researching. Took so many courses I can’t even tell you how many, I just know they were over ten. No Fraternizing wasn’t even supposed to be a series, so when I decided to release this book, I wasn’t sure how it would work out. This is one of my books that gets the most mixed reviews. The series is different and the main character… well, you either like her or your don’t, there’s no in between. This was my first completed series and it all continued with this book. This is my very special book baby! Oh, and Lila and Manny will be making a reappearance in a future book…

Love, Hate & Revenge, Pt.3 turns 2 years-old today! I wrote Part 3 right after I wrote Part 2. I was not trying to have you wait since I know the patience level for books in a series is damn near non-existent. Add to that, the cliffhanger in Part 2, yeah there would be no waiting for that! I enjoyed writing this book and watching the sisters grow. Their relationships were not perfect in the least, but they had each other. I tried something different in the epilogue with offering a look into the future of their relationships. I’m thinking about doing a sequel. One of my dope readers put the idea in my head and I’m strongly considering it. What do you think?

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