Indecent Arrangement: Reviews & Book Discussion!

Indecent Arrangement was a scary book to write, there I said it lol. Seriously, when I got the idea after typing the end on Joelle’s story in “Tasteful Taboo,” I considered going against it.

Used to writing somewhat “predictable” love stories, it scared me to take this story out the box. But I knew that I couldn’t force it. There was no way I could do that for how the story was set up and left off at in “Tasteful Taboo.” Joelle’s story couldn’t go the way of my other stories. I mean, it could’ve, but the characters made it very clear what kind of story it would be.

Anyway, the reviews are in, and so far it has been received well. I love it when readers get my vision! When I sent I.A. out to my beta readers, I knew it would take them off-guard and I welcomed the feedback as I always do. The one thing they all said was they weren’t expecting this kind of story from me. Hell, I wasn’t expecting this kind of story from me either lol. They still appreciated it and I appreciate them and those readers who have left reviews.

Check them out!

If you’ve read the book, join me next Wednesday in the Read a Good Book FB reading group where we’ll be discussing all things Indecent Arrangement.

Bring your opinions, questions, and your comments, let’s talk about and dissect the fuckery lol. >>GROUP LINK<<

Haven’t read Indecent Arrangement? Read the prologue >>HERE<< Click the cover to download your copy…

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