#CoverReveal: ‘A Love Deferred,’ Coming December 7th!

I completely forgot to post the cover reveal for my next release, A Love Deferred, on my BLOG! What?! *facepalm*

But yes, here it is. The cover for my final release of 2018, a novella, which is also a continuation of my holiday short story, Unsilent Knight.

I cannot wait for you to see what Meki and Cadence have been up to! Their story is a beautiful one. One that is far from the conventional. Then again, I always like to give you what you’re used to but with a twist. You’ll see what I’m talking about. For now though, go on and read the synopsis!

A Love Deferred is available for pre-order!


What happens when the heart wants what the mind resists?

Cadence Nice went from being an optimistic romantic to a coldhearted commitment-phobe. She convinced herself she was over it, finished, done with searching for a stable relationship after wasting her time with an ex who wasn’t serious.

No longer did she pine for her stomach to flutter with butterflies or her heart to skip a beat for love. In fact, throw the whole Prince Charming away, his white horse, and the storybook happily ever after too.

All she wanted was sex. Just sex, only sex, and with someone she couldn’t love.

She thought she found the perfect placeholder in a man she despised but life has a way with switching things up.

After sleeping with an enemy, her next-door neighbor, Meki Knight, Cadence believed she found bliss in keeping things only physical between them.

She was so wrong.

Cadence adopted her cold exterior with hopes of giving herself a permanent fix for her jaded heart. But she’ll soon learn just what happens when you accidentally find love in a hookup culture.


Psst… Unsilent Knight is currently available as a FREE download on Amazon. Sale ends Sunday, 11/4, so download it now! Click the cover below.

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